When it comes to food, there is a growing trend towards the natural and many brands are trying to captivate their customers there. The problem is that their products are often not as natural as they advertise. This is not the case with Romantics, a brand of juices from Barcelona made with an ecological process and kept in cold storage for 30 days.

“We use the ‘pascalization’ technique, which consists in inducing the juice in cold water at very high pressure, eliminating bacteria and yeasts but leaving the product intact and preserving its flavor and vitamins,” he explains. Marc Cole, co-founder of Romantics. This process is the alternative to pasteurization, which eliminates bacteria but also causes the fruit to lose much of its taste, color and nutritional value, which is why they usually correct the juices with sugar and flavorings.

They started their activity in 2005, although little by little they have made progress. They started with a small shop selling to locals in Barcelona and would directly ask customers who saw them who bought their juices. In order to make themselves known, they now invest primarily in the Packaging, where they try to give it a different touch to stand out from the competition. For this reason, on the labels of its recycled paper bottles, for example, you will find the list of ingredients contained and encourage you to try it at home.

They invested 200,000 euros that they received from the mortgage on their own house and set up shop in several supermarkets. They have expanded their range of fruit juices and also sell gazpacho, salmorejo and some yoghurts. They hope to close 2013 with a turnover of around two million euros.


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