Raúl de la Cruz-Linacero is the creator of Keepunto.com, “the first true gamification experience in online banking”.

This entrepreneur, supported by the Internet TV production company Vivocom, of which he is a partner together with Mayte Carratalá, explains that “in a safe, controlled and virtualized environment, young people between 14 and 24 years old can acquire the experience of online banking , taking out virtual financial products and managing your own virtual currency. Keepunto users can track their income, expenses, balances, contract products, deposit interest, purchases from the rewards catalog within the platform…”.

Keepunto’s business model – which won the Most Innovative Business Project award at the Inspirational Festival 2013 – revolves around corporate loyalty and affiliate programs, product placement of financial products and CRM programs for young people.

Network: www.keepunto.com

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