Business: Unilever Spain, SA
Street: technology, 19
Postal code: 08840.
Location: Viladecans.
Province: Barcelona.
Contact:, Laura Rodríguez-Sans- +34 (617) 35 40 56


Country of origin: France.
Founding year: 2016
Year of creation of the chain: 2016
Number of own premises: 0
Number of franchise locations: 120
Other countries where it operates: Europe.
Number of locations abroad: 500
Franchise Company: Unilever Spain, SA
Expected billing in the first year: €150-350,000
Planned new openings in the current year: twenty.
Planned openings next year: twenty.
Priority development zones: Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia, Balearic and Canary Islands.


Entrance canon (included in the investment): There isn’t. Monthly license fee: There isn’t. Advertising fee: There isn’t. Contract term: 3 years. Investment: From 25,000 euros. investment area: From 25,000 euros. Minimum population: From 50,000 inhabitants, excluding tourist locations.


Minimum area of ​​the premises: 20 square meters. Surface area: 20 to 50 square meters. Preferred locations: Streets with high pedestrian traffic, shopping malls and tourist areas.

From the middle, they start emphasizing the different values ​​of the chain:

  • We have our own expansion and operations team who help the employee from the minute the first contact is made and from that moment through the opening and continuous monitoring. Some examples of this comprehensive support relate to help in finding the best stores and locations, launching and activating the point of sale, constant training and providing specific tools to promote the company’s sales.
  • We have the support of a multinational company like Unilever, which is a guarantee of quality, food safety and strong innovation.
  • The level of investment our people face is quite competitive when we compare ourselves to our main competitors and focus on the fact that we don’t charge any fees royalties no guns.

Based on this solid business base, the headquarters strives for a profile of an entrepreneurial employee, with passion, high commitment and the desire to work hand in hand with a leading brand like Carte D’Or and with the ambition to grow with it. “No prior industry experience is required as you will have the full support of our team, although understanding the nature and workings of the world of franchises is valuable.”

Economically, the plant expects a turnover of between 150,000 and 350,000 euros for the first year, while the repayment in the new units it is estimated at two years.

To end this portrait, the company remembers that it continues to work to bring its consumers the best innovations with two surprising flavors in 2021. “In parallel, we are driving digitization to not only improve the consumer experience, but also to achieve more agile ways of working between us and our employees”.