Gesdocument y Gestión, SA was founded in 1989 by Cuatrecasas Abogados and Audihispana with the aim of offering its customers professional services at the highest level in the fields of accounting and commercial administration. One of their goals is to support companies in outsourcing their administrative and internal consulting functions.

Just one year after starting the activity in Barcelona, ​​the office in Bilbao was opened and later the offices in Madrid, Valencia and Zaragoza were opened. At the same time, the range of services is being expanded: work management, personnel selection, international mobility, etc.

Innovation, its most important asset

Unlike other consulting companies, Gesdocument offers more service, more solvency, more solutions and more support. Innovation is part of Gesdocument’s DNA, which is committed to pioneering technological solutions and self-developed projects, such as technological platforms in human resources, accounting and corporate management, which allow them to improve the service and connect it to current needs.

specialization and experience

Gesdocument is one of the 75 largest companies in the legal services market in Spain.It is worth emphasizing the level of specialization, the experience, the guarantee and the solvency that they offer to the customer, who will find all the business consulting services in a single consulting worldwide .

Its values ​​are represented by building a strong relationship with the customer, with the confidence to solve any challenge they face and to answer the questions that others could not solve. More than 3,800 national and international customers trust Gesdocument.

Professional Services

They scale their service to the needs of the client, through the worldwide, close and personal support of their more than 170 professionals as well as their network of national offices and their international presence as a member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA), one of the largest law firm associations in the world.

In short, they want their customers to grow, develop and thrive.

Founding year: 1989

Main Specialty:
• Comprehensive advice for companies

More specialties:
• Accounting, tax, labor, trade, global mobility, executive search.

Ronda Sant Pere No. 17 2
08010 Barcelona
Telephone + 34 93 270 24 05

Zurbarán, 9 local on the right
28010 Madrid
Telephone + 34 91 524 71 50

Ercilla, 17 3
48009 Bilbao
Telephone + 34 94 435 26 44

Av. Aragon, 30 ground floor
46021 Valencia
Telephone + 34 96 339 11 17

C/ Joaquín Costa, 4 3º left
50001- Zaragoza
Telephone +34 97 622 76 69

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