Gijón Impulsa, which in 2020 has already allocated more than one million euros for business support in the city, continues the series of incentives in 2021. Among the upcoming innovations is that the Board of Directors of the Center Municipal de Empresas SA (Gijón Impulsa) is planning new foundations that will strengthen the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Forecast of income and expenses and investments for the year 2021:

Six hundred thousand euros intended for the creation of new areas for business projects in Labor University Dependencies.

Construction of a new municipal commercial residence on the site of the Technological Science Parkin two of the still free lots.

Construction of 5 new nest ships in which Business district of Lloreda Expansion of the current business park managed by Gijón Impulsa, which already has 27 warehouses. These ‘nest camps’ provide a perfect type of infrastructure for companies taking their first steps and who need a small industrial base to develop before venturing into larger facilities.

It will also use part of the investment for improvements and adjustments to some of the commercial buildings:

• Construction of a new one Incubator for innovative active tourism and sports companies (Equilibria) located in the La Camocha area and funded by the Mining Funds Program.

• Campones Service CenterThe Gijón City Council plans to resume work on this building so that it can be built and occupied in 2021.

Finally, as a support measure at a time of particular difficulties that entrepreneurs and companies in our environment are going through, the rate freeze of the services of our business residences.

Gijon promotes

Gijon promotes is the municipal society of the city, which has been responsible since 1992 Promote and promote economic development and local innovation as a strategy for the future.

Its activity focuses on generation Entrepreneurship in innovation and its consolidation through collaboration between actorsand not only acts as a platform where projects find the necessary tools to develop and grow.

It is also a tractor agent of the so-called Margarita Salas Knowledge Mile in Gijón and the management body of the Science and Technology Park located in the heart of Gijón.

A mile to innovate and create

That Mile of Knowledge Margarita Salas de Gijón It is a geographic space in the eastern part of the city that forms a unique innovation ecosystem, housing companies and knowledge-based public and private institutions.

This innovation center in Asturias is home to 171 companies and more than 4,000 employees who reinvent the future every day, billing more than 1,700 million a year.

It is currently immersed in a 220,000 m2 expansion project that plans to double its current surface area and turn it into one of the reference districts of innovation in southern Europe, responding to the technological workforce of the future and where large multinational companies are high can develop -impact projects. This expansion aims to move from the creation of “housing spaces” to more flexible and functional “fabric spaces” in line with the new business models and their growth. Gijón thus combines a high quality of life and low costs with a privileged working environment, giving the city great potential to attract and retain talent.