They have a customer portfolio of almost a thousand and more than 2,000 information screens distributed throughout Spain, mainly in Catalonia.

Françesc Font, Daniel Cuatrecasas and David Millà created and developed one Software that allows the management of online content through screens installed in commercial premises, points of sale, institutions, pharmacies, hospitals and universities, among other. About this app Your customers can control communications at the point of issue from any computer with internet access and they plan to expand the platform to other formats such as mobile phones or Internet TV.

This Sabadell company, which has invested more than 1.5 million euros since 2005, designs and provides television channels for companies, corporations and institutions; it helps them create their programming grid; creates and produces content on demand and provides them with the necessary infrastructure to achieve their corporate communication goals, advertising at the point of sale and dynamic interaction systems. Rely on three commercial networks: pharmacy sector, public administrations (municipalities, hospitals and universities) and business sector.

They expect to close this year with a turnover of almost four million euros.


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