With the philosophy “There is always something different”, these two entrepreneurs – and brothers-in-law to be precise – Nicolás López and José María Marticorena have decided to innovate with new consumption formats on the spirits market.

And the idea did not come to them through divine inspiration. “It comes from observing the consumption habits of foreign tourists in the Canary Islands and Levante and how the consumption format could be adapted to the new consumption habits of Spanish society, which are changing at a dizzying pace due to the severe economic crisis that we are suffering “, argues Marticorena, who worked as a senior manager in a company in the food sector.

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Researching and analyzing business opportunities, Marticorena joined his brother-in-law – owner of a computer outsourcing company – to engage in sales and marketing of spirits in PET containers under the Cimin Dreams brand.

[pullquote align=’center’]You have invested 250,000 euros[/pullquote]

“It’s a new type of container, PET plastic, and a new, smaller bottle format, 35 cl, that adapts to new consumption habits: in outdoor spaces (the so-called ‘botellón’), units with smaller sales, among others looking for lower unit prices,” he explains.

Between the two partners, they have invested around 250,000 euros, which they have mainly invested in the development of the brand, the packaging and the design. The billing forecast set for the first year is said to exceed EUR 750,000.

www.cimindreams.com / www.glocdrinks.com

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