since 2017, TheCircularLab – Ecoembes’ open innovation center in the field of circular economy – works together with entrepreneurs to respond to circular economy challenges in the packaging value chain.

From the experience gained during these years and at the important moment of the transformation of our society and our current economic and production model, the following challenge emerges:

How can entrepreneurship drive the transformation towards a circular model beyond the household packaging value chain?

Putting all the knowledge and skills developed over the years at the service of entrepreneurs and companies is an ambitious challenge and for this the goCircular strategy is based on the following pillars:

• Connection: Create a specific ecosystem for circular economy entrepreneurs. A place to discover, connect and develop alliances with other actors by sharing resources and generating synergies.

• Visibility: Identify and support the startups with the greatest potential to contribute to the transition to a circular model that will enable them to find new business avenues and consolidate their position as a benchmark.

• Opportunities: goCircular was also founded with the aim of adding value to all those companies looking for new alliances as they align their activities towards a more circular and sustainable strategy. Giving them an open innovation ecosystem where they can find the entrepreneurs who can best help them in this process is key. With this fact, we pursue a double goal: to accelerate the transition to the new model and to create businesses and green jobs by creating new innovative companies and new business models.

• Education: Finally, it is necessary to understand that this transition requires tools, new work processes, innovative methods to carry out projects that put the citizen and the environment at the heart, and these tools must be available to entrepreneurs so that they can adopt them are growing and offering more services and offerings, guaranteeing the much-needed circularization of the current model.

goCircular RADAR and goCircular PASS You are the starting point: growing and growing this ecosystem by attracting more and more talent and opportunities is the way forward to ensure that entrepreneurship becomes an essential and leading figure in Europe’s future based on the circular economy.

goCircular Radar It is the first catalog of European entrepreneurs linked to the circular economy, which on the one hand serves to connect these new innovative companies and on the other hand gives them visibility and gives companies and administrations a reference point where to find and connect with entrepreneurs in contact in very different areas, but always with the circular economy as a common element.

goCircular Pass It is the first seal awarded to the most innovative startups with the greatest potential for growth and impact in the circular economy. This award is given by TheCircularLab-Ecoembes and startups can use it to certify their performance and promote their image nationally and internationally.