business visa
It is a new card aimed at companies that are mainly used for business travel and where information control management is important. It includes compensation for lost luggage (usually up to 600 or 700 euros) or delay, compensation for flight delays, handing over of documents, legal assistance, in some cases even compensation for hijacking and emergency money.

business visa
It is another card specifically aimed at companies that also offer a package of additional services, very specific to this segment. They offer a management program for entertainment and travel expenses for companies and their employees: information system with 18 different types of reports, breach of trust insurance (expenses not approved by the employee) and separate accounting for the company and the owner, among other benefits.

Visa purchase
This card replaces checks, wire transfers and cash to control your business purchases. With it, you can get multiple benefits that allow you to control spending, negotiate special rates, and set limits for employees. Thanks to a detailed statement, you can easily identify the payments made.

MasterCard Business Card
Designed to give SMBs, freelancers and the self-employed better control of business expenses. Separate personal expenses from business expenses. Therefore, it consolidates business expenses onto a single card, thereby meeting occasional funding needs. Like the other MasterCard business cards, they offer various benefits such as: B. Discounts on car rental, purchase of computer equipment, hotels, travel…

MasterCard corporate card
For travel and representation costs of medium and large companies. Reducing costs, controlling expenses and simplifying processes in this category can have a significant impact on a company’s financial health, which is why this card provides detailed transaction information to help its owner make decisions.

MasterCard shopping card
A card aimed at making corporate purchases. The employee buys directly from the supplier and the transaction is only approved if it meets the criteria set by the company (limit by quantity, location, time) for that employee. In addition, the company pays the card issuer a collective invoice.

4B Europe Assistance
It is an affinity card, so it has all the benefits of the 4B card plus an assistance service. Among the services offered, the following stand out: towing of the vehicle, repair, search for parts, transfer of the sick or injured, transfer of occupants in the event of vehicle standstill, transfer in the event of death and hotel accommodation for up to five days. .

American Express store
It has a series of specialized solutions designed specifically for SMEs and freelancers, aiming to meet the management and savings needs of any business. Like all American Express cards, it offers cardholders access to the Membership Rewards points program. It also has specific offers that its holders can benefit from. Insurance advisors, legal assistance over the phone, travel assistance anywhere in the world, online access to travel expense reports and representations or a cabinet of professionals are some of the key benefits to which subscribing to this card entitles.

American Express corporate card
This allows you to use all the advantages and options of the Expense Management Program. The American Express Corporate Card was specially developed for professionals with significant travel and entertainment costs. In addition to reducing the administration costs for travel and representation costs by up to 70% and the direct costs of your trips by up to 25%, your company can benefit from other advantages: All billing is done centrally in your travel agency, so it can be allocated directly to everyone Charges to the company’s travel account and also provides a management reporting service to its owners. Undoubtedly a useful tool for all types of businesses.

600 euros e-business
Its main feature is that it integrates the new Internet technologies to improve and facilitate the information and control of the expenses of any company. With this card and its internet data warehouse tool, companies and companies that request it can manage all their expenses from any computer connected to the internet.Each company or cardholder can create their own expense reports using different concepts such as data or Combined periods, people or departments , type of expense, name of the company where the payments were made, among others. It also offers other types of benefits for both the owner and the company, such as: insurance, discounts on hotels and rental car. Optionally, it can also contain a chip that allows you to load various applications such as B. the electronic purse, EMV (Standard Debit/Credit Application) or a digital certificate to encrypt your e-mails.

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