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If life had given him a hint that he was on the wrong path, he might have approached things differently. But no, Gerard Bofill Vaque He wanted to be a professional soccer player and everything indicated that he would make it. Of course, based on many hours of training and a lot of discipline, which he also applied to his facet as a student. He thus combined his time at various clubs with professional structures and his work as coordinator and director of grassroots football with a degree from INEF.

Maybe he pushed the machine too hard, or maybe not, he was still very young and dynamic, but his pace of life stopped the day he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 22. He wasn’t one of the most aggressive, but he still had three relapses that had him operated on just as often.

The disease left the canvas blank. However, to make a living he was left with no choice but to return to the only sport he had been preparing for, although this time he did it from teaching. The problem is that he didn’t like football or his native Barcelona that much anymore. Now he wanted a more spiritual, quiet life, in touch with nature and animals. He moved his residence to Girona and after staying in a farmhouse with his girlfriend, he realized that his new truth was the real land, that he wanted to live and work there.

So he began to develop the idea of ​​creating a project that, in addition to covering his economic needs, would allow him to live the way he wants and make a contribution, albeit small, to the sustainability of the planet. He began touring farms to see an opportunity to start a rural business. Of all the ones he saw, he liked the dirtiest, three stones that could be considered left by God’s hands if they weren’t in a spectacular setting in the Llémena Valley, in the La Garrocha region (Girona).

The project consisted in creating a country house in the trend of ecotourism. Of course, renovating the ruined farmhouse would take time and money. Personal and family savings, some bank assistance and other assistance from the Leader rural development funds solved the financial problem. For the reform, he employed a team of local artisans and volunteers who shaped the hotel using manual techniques and ecological materials from the area. You didn’t have to search much, because most of the materials used were provided by nature itself. They used the stones they found, clay, wood, ceramics and lime and everything from KM0 “to achieve high quality finishes without using chemical materials or industry,” he says.

Can book

Undertake with a geobiological space

Two and a half years later, on July 8, 2020, it opens its doors to tourists for the first time Can booka 100% ecological and self-sufficient country hotel, with which Gerard Bofill wants to offer society what he found himself: “a life full of love and peace”.

As they did the work, Bofill continued his personal journey into spirituality, absorbing readings related to health, nutrition, agriculture, holistic living, nature, geobiology, fengshui… All this knowledge gained was applied to his own routines and to the rebuilding of the farmhouse. He created an organic garden and animal farm, which to this day provides much of the food served at Plant Restaurant and KM.0, featuring Can Buch’s signature cuisine, for both hotel guests and al fresco diners.

In addition, they also sell garden and organic farm products such as vegetables, fruit, beer, bread or eggs. All this at lower prices because there are no intermediaries. As another line of business, they also offer activities and tourist routes.

The hotel has 7 accessible rooms with facilities such as a bio-pool that simulates the operation of a river and a lake and is used without salt or chlorine for purification, a small tennis court, a spa made of stone and handmade ceramics from the farmhouse or a Chillout area, among others and always in line with the geobiological space.

On the day that Can Buch opened its doors to the public, Gerard Bofill felt fear again. This time due to the uncertainty in the tourism sector caused by Covid. However, the reception was good. They’ve been full all summer and are reserving for the month of October starting today. Depending on the season, between 6 and 11 people work in the hotel, some of them residents.

The company’s good performance made him think about scalability. But no sooner had he put the expansion plan on the table than he withdrew it for fear of distorting his new philosophy of life. He thought, “If I came up with this more with my heart than my head and did it to enjoy life, why bother making it bigger now,” he says. As a result, a large portion of the profits are now reinvested in improving the facilities and the quality of the products they sell.