She has always been very interested in hip hop. “Last year I thought about doing a blog following this as a personal hobby news one of the singers hip hop known, Lil Wayne, while he was serving a prison sentence because I thought that during this time information about him would be greatly reduced and the public would like to receive news,” recalls Isabel García-Ajofrín.

And he wasn’t wrong. “My blog received many visitors every day, especially from Spain and South America, because they couldn’t find many sources reporting about it, and even less in Spanish. And when he got out of prison, the media went back to publishing about him normally, although most in English, and I thought, taking advantage of the loyal followers, that my blog had to do something bigger, and that’s how was born, covering the entire covers the hip-hop scene, particularly in the United States”. offers first immediacy in the newsthanks to the use of social networks, and then Analysis with more detailed texts. “In addition, there are sections of Videos (Swagga TV), Interviews (On the record), Albums (Hot albums) and the Mythic sectionsaves the artists and discovers details of the most famous places in hip-hop”.

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