Fixin is a platform that connects the household maintenance and repair sector, connecting independent home workers such as plumbers, electricians, gardeners, bricklayers, etc. with customers, but also with companies that provide services or material for repairs. “The idea was born because we had three problems to find a reliable and quality domestic worker since we are foreign students in Mérida Yucatán and it comes as a headache to find a reliable person since we had no one to contact could ask a question. Place where we could get references,” he comments Brenda Martinez Floresresponsible for design and communication.

A situation they reviewed was fairly common among other students, but they also confirmed that there was an unmet need in the professional group they wanted to target: “They’re having trouble finding new customers and from this moment on if we knew that there is a communication problem between both parts, we had to solve this complicated communication between the two”. Even,

market survey

To confirm their intuition, they conducted two market studies, the first of which was aimed at people using this type of service, which showed that: “80% of people have problems finding a reliable and quality worker Find; they usually take about a day to find someone; 90% of people prefer to ask someone they know to recommend someone and 85% of people distrust the worker they are hiring for the first time.”

The second study was aimed at professionals, the results of which showed that: “70% of their work comes from recommendations from previous clients; 80% find it difficult to find new customers, so they have to pay for advertising and 75% of workers have a smartphone and use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers.”

Crowdfunding campaign in Fondeadora

Along with Brenda Martínez are the founders of Fixin Jesus Del Campo Salvaresponsible for administration and finance Mauricio Lara Soberanis, responsible for software development, started this adventure a year ago after meeting at Startup Weekend. First, they invested 1,000 pesos “to conduct our initial market and traction tests,” and so far they have invested 100,000 pesos, part of it for the 2015 Yucatan Entrepreneurial Challenge, a public-private organization in the city of Merida. Next. You currently have an active crowdfunding campaign in Fondeadora ( with which they want to raise another 70,000 pesos to speed up the project.

The business model is based on charging the professionals who carry them out a percentage of the price of the repairs, as well as paying the suppliers of spares and parts a commission on the purchases made by the professionals connected to the platform. For their first year, from August to December of this year, they plan to charge between 76,500 and 120,000 pesos.

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