We spend up to five times more on this type of tourism than on other forms of leisure. The company Tinámica, specialized in solutions for big data or Big Data, explains how to use these opportunities with smart data tools.

New relationship model

You can create a more efficient and innovative relationship with current and potential customers by leveraging the fact that you are constantly connected via email, networks, mobile inquiries, etc. provide us with a lot of useful information.

Predict phenomena and behaviors

The intelligent analysis of all this data helps to identify phenomena such as atmospheric fluctuations or to create daily patterns of a specific group in order to predict future consumer behavior, expectations and needs.

Better customer knowledge

Big Data makes it possible to identify consumers’ tastes and preferences with near-preciseness and to use this information to predict their choices in real time and personalize our services. Also recognize when is the best time to start cross-selling and upselling offers or know the impact of campaigns in order to optimize them.

The best location for your centers

You can also determine the best location for your branch based on socio-economic studies, competitive analysis, complementary or exclusive services in the area…

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