The main data included in the invoices in English are very similar to those included in any invoice in Spain. The confusion can come from not knowing the language, especially considering that the experts’ first warning is that literal translations are not valid. Follow the explanations they provide on their websites invoice model either simple fact These are the main terms and their translation that you should know if you need to issue an invoice in English.

key terms

-Invoice: is the word equivalent to what we use in Spanish with the term invoice.

-Bill number: the invoice number.

-Date of invoice: The invoice issue date

-Description: Description of the products or services. A description (description) that includes the name (name) of the product is essential.

-Quantity: The amount where, after simple fact should also “the price (Price), Unit (Universityt) and the quantity. The latter would be the amount.

-Weight: Gross and net weight, if applicable

-VAT number: “As a company that operates or operates within the European Union and its economic framework, you must have a VAT number certifying that you are a European entrepreneur, which must appear along with your tax details”, they simply recall .

-Subtotal without VAT: Subtotal excluding VAT

-VAT amount %: The percentage of VAT applied to that particular product or service.

-Total amount: Gross amount to be paid

– Due Date – Terms of Payment. The latter determines the due date and terms of payment.

-Other data: In addition to the above, the invoice must of course also include the data identifying the professional or company that provides the service or sells the product (full name, NIF and registered office) and the same with the data of the client (Customer/Company Data), which refers to the data of the customer for the shipment of the goods.

However, if you are still struggling to create an invoice in English, remember that you can always go to a website that provides standard invoice templates, such as the invoice model already mentioned or in bill homean invoice generator that allows you to download and send PDF files with many samples of invoice templates, designs and options for free.

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