How to set up a successful mechanical workshop in 2021

Starting a business can be a complicated task in times of crisis. However, there are some sectors — besides technology — that can be very profitable. This is the case of a mechanical workshop, a shop that many motor enthusiasts would like to open one day and that has a great future.

Evidence of this is the growing market for the sale of used cars. According to a Tramicar study, 88% of drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 are interested in buying a used car. This is followed by the consecutive age group between 25 and 34, of which 78% would consider buying a used car. In this context, the profitability of a mechanical workshop seems to leave no doubt …

The mechanical workshop will also be indispensable in 2021 both for the revisions of used vehicles before sale and for routine repairs. Added to this is this company can be combined with the sale of vehicles themselvesto expand business volume in a market that continues to grow due to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

But if we stick to the mechanical workshop idea, it must be clear that not everyone can start this type of business. Industry training required or in your case an investment in professionals that could trigger the initial costs in the first phases of the project.

On the other hand prevention of workplace hazards in a mechanical workshop is one of the most important aspects. Every day we work with harmful and flammable substances such as oils, fuels… In addition to the risks involved in handling the heavy weight of vehicles.

How much does it cost to set up a mechanical workshop?

If, despite the risk, you are determined to start a mechanical workshop, you must know the procedures to go through before initiation. The first of these is registration with Social Security and the Treasury, like any self-employed person. In this sector, the Economic Tax (IAE) belongs to group 319.

In addition, the town hall of the city where the mechanical workshop is located must issue an activity permit, necessary to avoid the emission of pollutants, as well as a building permit to adapt the premises. After all, it is necessary to have one guest bookwhich serve a possible inspection to make sure that everything is in order.

Having identified the necessary requirements for opening a mechanical workshop, it’s time to talk about the cost. The work permit is 1,800 euros; the commercial registration fee to 1,000; and work on 150 euros. That’s whyalmost 3,000 euros only have to be paid in licenses.

To this number it is necessary to add the Construction project costs and machinesWhat the blog tire workshops around 6,000 euros. After all, the entrepreneur who wants to start a mechanical workshop must have one Fixed costs from month to month: rent of the premises, self-employment rate, payroll of a possible employee… Overall around 15,000 euros investment sum before opening the shop doors.

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