How to successfully start a driving school from scratch

Opening a driving school can be a safe and profitable business. However, this sector requires significant investment and legal requirements for incorporation need to be met before implementation can begin.

There are around 9,000 driving schools in Spain. Hundreds of thousands of students go through it, of which 560,000 pass their exams every year. These numbers show that if you want to start one, there is still plenty of room to open a profitable business. Of course, as in any established industry, differentiation is key to achieving this.

The minimum requirements to open a driving school

Legal Requirements

First of all, before opening a driving school, one should keep in mind that it is a fairly regulated area that requires special permits. To start the activity you need a permit from the traffic center of the province where you want to locate the company. And for that you have to meet minimum requirements.

The deed of incorporation of the company, the lease or purchase agreement of the premises, the plans of the premises, a municipal permit, the list of workers and vehicles … it is you some of the documents you need to present before opening your driving school.

The human key team

One of the keys to a driving school is its human team. With that in mind, if you don’t have a teaching license, you’ll need to hire several employees who have the necessary certification. You need at least one leader with a certificate of competency as a driving school leader and a teacher with a certificate of competency as a driving instructor.

To reduce staff costs, passing one of the certifications is a more than interesting option before opening your driving school. Even more so when you want to work the business from the inside out…

The average cost of opening a driving school is around 65,000 euros
The average cost of opening a driving school is around 65,000 euros

A fleet of vehicles

It is one of the most important parts before opening a driving school. The company does not exist without a fleet of vehicles that make teaching possible. Getting one doesn’t come cheap, although there are a few options such as: B. Renting, which allow you to split the payment into small parts.

The vehicles must be in the name of the owner of the driving school and registered in the register of driving training centers. Those intended for control testing on roads open to traffic must be equipped with two-hand controls, except for motorcycles.

How much does it cost to open a driving school?

As with any business, the initial cost of a driving school will vary depending on the location or the size of the fleet of vehicles you intend to maintain from the start. According to some estimates, the initial expenses for a business of this type, including the rental of two vehicles, around 65,000 euros, not including the personnel costs incurred.

Also, to differentiate yourself, consider the possibility of an additional investment in technology. With that in mind, some driving schools have developed software that allows classes to be booked through mobile applications, they have class platforms on-line… As in almost all industries, digitization has become an essential condition for survival.

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