Twitter It started as a network for gamers but is opening up to a wider audience. In fact, there are already fashion, sports and music brands that are doing business with it very successfully. It is a network for streaming audiovisual content that attracts a young audience, advanced in the use of social networks and the Internet, where organic content has less weight than TikTok. It is easy to work here influencers because the algorithm does not favor newcomers.

With Twitch, “It’s important to understand that for a segment of the population (not just young people, there are already people of all ages) Twitch is like the new TV. Additionally, people like Ibai are fueling this trend even more by bringing things like football to Twitch and getting a lot of people to discover and get excited about the channel,” he comments. Jose Carlos CortizoCMO of product hacker and co-founder of the Gamification World Congress.

“It’s an opportunity for brands because there are a lot of people consuming content that also starts and ends, leaving users inside the platform looking for what to watch next. By broadcasting on this channel, you can reach the audience you already have,” Cortizo says.

The content that works best on Twitch

“Unlike other video channels like YouTube, where content works well, production and quality have to be very good, Twitch’s directness and immediacy prevail. This makes it easier for a brand to start broadcasting without major investments: camera, lights, microphone and interesting things to tell,” comments José Carlos Cortizo.

Use formulas to share what you do. “Gamers share their games as they play. Companies usually do tutorials, share the screen while coding or while making a design to tell something interesting… It’s a very narrow format”.

“The informal interview format also works very well as a conversation between two or more people. It’s easy to do and allows for interaction with the public, who can ask questions and generate other types of feedback,” continues the Product Hackers CMO.

“As with any channel, it’s interesting to understand what your audience might be interested in and generate content about it. In this case you use the strength of Twitch, namely the interaction and proximity to the audience thanks to its chat, which allows many levels of interaction with polls and many other options. And also looking for a loose point, closer, direct and without so much makeup. Twitch is live streaming and trying to show real life,” adds Cortizo.

The value of direct

Why has Twitch become the default channel for live shows when YouTube also allows you to stream in that format? “Because if you get the crazy idea of ​​doing a 24-hour live show, you can’t do that on YouTube, it’s limited to a few hours. Twitch lets you. And 48 hours if you want. There is also a wide range of interaction options,” he emphasizes. Ruben Baston, Director of Marketing4eCommerce and Director of E-Commerce Master of kschool.

In addition, “it’s a platform specialized in streaming, that’s very noticeable, there are a lot of features that Twitch has that YouTube will never have because it was born for something else and continues to be something else. And then something very important for them is monetization. A YouTuber makes a lot more money on Twitch than on YouTube. We’re talking about Twitch as a marketing channel, but beware because Twitch can also be a business as such and you can broadcast on Twitch and make a lot of money. And there are people who are already making money,” he says. Jorge Garcia Gomezfounder of Marketing Paradise.

«The great youtubers took their audience from youtube to twitch because before you could see a youtuber with the video he uploaded but you couldn’t interact with him like when he’s on twitch. It’s live and you can interact with your audience without preparing or editing anything. It’s a type of relationship they haven’t had before and it’s what allows it streamers from Twitch to monetize their work much more. Much better than what they could do on Youtube. That’s why it wins a little bit on Youtube and all the previous ones,” continues Jorge García Gómez.

«It’s about asking you, how do I use this to sell shoes, sell boxes or sell screws? Find a way to tell things in an attractive way. For example, if I had real estate, would stream the apartments I want to sell. You can show the floors live and people are asking things at the time: hey, can you focus on the windows again, are they climalit?, etc. The video is done and the next customer who is interested in this house is leaving the house trip the direct event that cleared all doubts,” comments García Gómez.

And he adds: “The problem with many companies is that they have nothing to say. And that’s not going to be solved by Twitch or Facebook or Instagram or absolutely anything.

If you don’t know how to create good content or don’t have a community to import into, the best way is undoubtedly to look for influencers for your brand. “As a business, the easiest way to be on Twitch is to connect with influencers, people who do things related to you,” says Rubén Bastón.

“Twitch is the network that leads the way to YouTube. Things he just implemented like super following to subscribe to YouTubers like El Rubius who pay 5 euros a month are influenced by the Twitch ecosystem. Influencers used to live only from advertising. Now they can monetize their content better and be more independent,” says Rubén Bastón.

Laagam: Live Fashion Ecommerce on Twitch

“We are a digital women’s fashion brand. We don’t have a physical store, we only sell online. As an online brand, we face the problem that customers cannot try on or touch the garments. how do we solve it Initially, we held offline events in our offices. Once a week we showed the dresses with models and they could buy them. But that doesn’t scale. You can invite 30 customers to your offices, but you cannot invite 3,000. And the goal of a digital company is always to find a way to scale the experience,” he says. Diego Arroyo RuizCEO and co-founder of Laagam.

“We tried to digitize the experience via WhatsApp, but there were a lot of limitations and work. Twitch grew quite a bit there and we started streaming on it. Every month we make private sales via streaming, a bit like teleshopping, but teleshopping of the future,” explains Laagam’s CEO.

“It’s a concept that we invented ourselves. It’s quite a trend in China called live stream shopping where we chat with models and with our brand’s product team who designed the products, show the garments once a week, customers ask us questions, we reply, we outfits teach them how to match the clothes and the magic of the video is that it solves the problem of customers not being able to try on the clothes. It is very difficult to draw conclusions from a photo, but we try to reduce this gap to a minimum with this concept of streaming sales.”

“That we could do this on Instagram Live? Yes, but it’s not going well. It sucks a lot of 3G and a lot of internet. If you don’t have an optimal connection, both you and the person watching the live will see it half-frozen; the quality is not very good. And another important thing is that it consumes your stories, which are very important to us. If you do Instagram Lives, your Stories will no longer be seen.

“Also, we have 140,000 followers on Instagram, but the vast majority of them don’t want to see streaming sales. Doing it on Instagram is like killing flies with cannon fire.

“The fourth problem Instagram has is that it doesn’t save. Once you exit the live, it will disappear. On Twitch we can keep it fixed on the platform for two weeks and it’s very easy to download and then take it to YouTube and leave it permanently. And linked to it, which Instagram also does not allow. Instagram doesn’t allow you to download the live, but Twitch does. You can download the streaming and use edits from there for other platforms, be it Instagram, be it TikTok, be it your own website,” he continues.

“So far we are fine. Each streaming sale is seen by around 25,000 people. Maybe it would be better for us if there was more fashion content on Twitch, but grace is also to enter the platforms at the beginning.

“It’s a format that gets converted a lot. “In the streaming chat, we will add a link to be able to buy the clothes. Twitch is a 100% conversion network. We build the brand on Instagram and on Twitch we generate the conversion,” says Diego Arroyo.

The importance of redirecting traffic from other networks

“Right now, Twitch is not a tool to get yourself known. Twitch You need to route traffic to Twitch from somewhere. First, because the Twitch search engine is per user, it’s not by topic or thing. If you put on a white dress on Twitch, you will get nothing. If you’re a retailer, you need to understand that you need to be driving traffic to Twitch from somewhere.”

«We do it from Instagram. We direct traffic to Twitch. This is very important to consider and in the end you need to think about what content makes sense for your audience. And what solution does it offer you? Because one of the problems is that a platform, a social network, comes into fashion and all the brands will start using it like fools, but you have to think if that brings added value or not users? says Diego Arroyo.

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