SMEs like Pescados la rocha who use Periscope to promote their daily fresh fish, crime Events materials company that uses it to display its products or the Pastry Scribewho publish prescriptions on certain days are already using this new communication tool. How do I design my own campaign on Periscope?

interest and quality

“First of all, it is very important to make a good selection the moment to determine if what you are about to share is likely to be news. Second is the warmd, which must be adapted to the image that we already have on the networks. In terms of content, anything that brands don’t typically teach works very well. This is just as interesting for the audience as the opportunity to take part. Invite them to ask questions and answer them in real time,” he says. Oscar Cumi, CEO of Bimbamroi.

gain notoriety

It’s also important to make sure have an audience. With that in mind, “it’s important that we announce it in advance. Telling our networks that we will be on Periscope on such a day at such a time,” comments Óscar Cumí. Also “you have to put them in the program title hashtags this helps you to be found more easily. And be shared; Don’t forget to invite them to share the content if they like it.”

company management