Cink Emprende is strongly committed to supporting entrepreneurs and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. To this end, it has created a grant program that allows 100 entrepreneurs 100 days of coworking where they can enjoy a space to work, in addition to a training program with hands-on workshops on entrepreneurship and access to an ecosystem, creating a collaborative and innovative network , in which to work and generate synergies.

“We believe that every good idea needs space and impetus to develop. We believe that it is our responsibility to reach out to those entrepreneurs who are starting out and face all the difficulties and doubts of the beginning, to act as a patron for them, with the aim that no good project remains unborn for lack of success can help,” emphasizes Raúl del Pozo, founder of Cink Emprende.

The first call for the “Cien Días Cink” grants, aimed at entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises or self-employed people from different sectors, starts today with the start of the deadline for presenting projects to apply for one of the first 20 grants of the program. The grants will take place in the new Cink Emprende space, inaugurated on Paseo de la Castellana, with more than a thousand square meters dedicated to entrepreneurs.

Interested parties can register for the initiative directly using the form on the Cink Emprende website: The deadline for submitting proposals remains open until March 27th.

These grants will enable entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and the self-employed to benefit from the added value that coworking offers, such as: B. New business opportunities and synergies with other entrepreneurs, constant contact with market news, the possibility to rely on other professionals who are in a similar situation and also to share fresh and innovative ideas with the other colleagues.

“At Cink Emprende, we are committed to supporting economic development and we also believe that there is tremendous talent that needs to be nurtured to thrive. This call for grants grew out of both ideas,” summarized Raúl del Pozo, who insisted that the grants are aimed at “motivated, positive people who want to learn and contribute knowledge to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Cink Emprende”.

As well as benefiting from physical space and working with more than 100 talented entrepreneurs and professionals, grantees enjoy bi-weekly training sessions with topics designed specifically for entrepreneurs to find solutions to problems they will encounter. in your everyday life.