Floor for work activity

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The real estate affected by an economic activity generate no returns on real estate capitalsince it is assumed that his performance will be attributed to those who correspond to the activity.

This is a situation that occurs in many cases, especially in activities performed by professionals who have their office and habitual residence on the same floor.

When this circumstance occurs the part that corresponds to the condition in the activity is exempt from paying taxes in accordance with the above. In addition, all expenses incurred and related to this activity are considered deductible, paying taxes as part of the direct estimate (electricity, water, telephone, community, etc.).

To determine which part of the soil is affected and which part is not, it is necessary to check the meters assigned in the business tax. The resulting percentage serves as a reference for calculating the deductible expenses.

The portion corresponding to habitual residence does not have to pay tax, as habitual residence is known to be exempt from income tax.

Another other question is if the activity is carried out on a floor where a part is unoccupiedin this case, the real estate capital return must be counted for the amount resulting from the application of 2% to the cadastral value or 1.1% (if the value is updated in the last 10 years), taking into account the exemption of the part that dedicated to the activity.

Next, when ownership is acquired for the activity will give the right to apply the deductions that may apply by law within those corresponding to economic activities.

Likewise, if you sell this property, you will benefit from deductible expenses, including depreciation and reinvestment benefits.

If the purchase was made with the formalization of a loan, the interest is a deductible expense since it is an asset involved, a circumstance that does not occur when acquiring a home that is not regular or not rented.

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