Experts are increasingly aware of the importance of emotions when buying, and there is complete agreement when it comes to impulse selling. Indeed, as he admits Carlos GooseCEO of Lextrend, “10% of the products sold have an impulse character”.

Now it’s convenient to distinguish impulsive buying from compulsive or last-minute buying. They look similar but are not exactly the same.

on impulse purchaseshow do you defend yourself Javier Roviramanaging partner of Know How, “You see something new that makes you change your usual behavior”.

in the case of compulsion to buy There is a component of Afraid to accumulate purchases which is not necessarily present in impulse purchases.

When making a last-minute purchase “There’s an attitude of waiting until the last minute to see if the price falls,” mention, that Mark CortesDirector of Salvatella but prior purchase intent.

This applies to online and offline trading, but the internet has a peculiarity that allows it to encourage impulsiveness:

You can demonstrate the functionality of the productor: The new 3D technologies allow demonstrations, videos and simulations to verify the functioning of the product in real time. This aspect is crucial when it comes to stimulating the user’s emotions and mind. It’s the teleshopping effect of offline commerce.

They follow the user in his purchase process.A smart recommendation software adapts to the surfing behavior of a user and recognizes which offers he visited and, if necessary, at which exact point he canceled the purchase, so that after five minutes he sends an e-mail with a better discount for this specific product.To explain Carlos Goose. In the United States, this type of program is available to any SME (they cost between $100 and $200 per month). The ecommerce platforms that work here allow you to make these recommendations, but they’re not intelligent: they don’t perform automatic combinations.

It’s a 24-hour showcase: There is no time or moment of the day when you have to put all that meat on the grill, the user is browsing the web at all hours of the day and that means there is always a time when it is cheaper to buy and let yourself be carried away by your emotions.

More and more technologies are emerging that encourage impulsiveness, such as radio frequency, mobile payment applications or, as he explains Manuel AlonsoIE Professor, “QK technology, some codes that you capture with your phone. They allow you to access and even purchase the product or service.”.

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