In the summer of 2009 Joseph Louis Lucas, Emilio Ferrer, Ignatius Diaz Y Carlo Azcarraga They decided to get a group of friends together and take a catamaran trip from Valencia to Ibiza and Formentera. During those days they joined their boat with other people’s and found that the experience just kept getting better. At the end of the journey, this experience served as inspiration for the company they would start a few months later.

Blueweek consists of exactly what these 4 entrepreneurs did back then, but with 30 boats and a total capacity for about 350 people. It’s a leisure proposal for young people between 20 and 35 years old to spend a week’s vacation with other strangers (first, or that’s the idea) in the coves of Ibiza and Formentera, which will be held for the fifth time this August.

In addition to their own experience, the concept of the Valencian company Blueweek is based on the great American trips on board party boats, to which is added a factor of nautical “fraternity”. Thanks to this, all those crew members who mostly don’t know each other end up forming the same group at sea, fulfilling the goal of the four friends who saw a gap in the youth-oriented leisure market.

Prices range from 350 to 890 euros depending on the boat chosen from the entire available fleet. Some boats that Blueweek makes the most of for a week in the summer, but rent in the winter so as not to lose profitability.

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