According to Eurostat, the hourly productivity of our employees is 107.1 points, well below Belgium (132.5) or Germany (124.8). And this despite the fact that a Spaniard works an average of 19.6% more hours than a German. How to end this scourge?

End an outdated corporate culture

Among the reasons that explain these poor results, the Adder Global company points to habits such as meetings at the end of the working day, inflexible schedules, the organization of face-to-face visits, little automation of processes and the lack of tools to streamline meetings daily activities. Then breaking that kind of inertia would be the first step to improvement.

Unified communication

Use cloud services where mail, messaging, telephony (virtual PBX), fax and video conferencing are fully integrated into one interface they can save up to 65 minutes per employee (between two and seven hours a week, according to Cisco Spain).


According to INE, teleworking increases labor productivity between 5% and 25%. Therefore, it is advisable to hire services Cloud to avoid dependency on the local server and allow employees to access all corporate applications and files from anywhere.

data security

Another time thief is daily or weekly backups. Automating these types of tasks could save up to six hours of work per week. Additionally, service outages and downtime can be caused by


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