Make money with your house

1.-Offer your property for a shoot

You can earn money with every house. Since the topic of movies, TV commercials or photo reports is broad, it is not necessary to have a case to enter this market. Any room can be useful, from a modest house in the country to a small boarding house or industrial warehouse. Depending on production requirements, rental can be by the hour or by the day.

In addition to location, the benefit you receive also depends on time. Svetlana, a Russian living in Barcelona, ​​who has a loft of 150 square meters in Barcelona, ​​stated in another communication medium that she charges 50 euros per hour for small events, such as a photo session, up to 100 euros/hour for other larger ones. For longer events such as B. multi-day shooting, the prices per day are flat rate and amount to 500-1,000 euros per day.

other sources They increase the sum to between 1,500 and 3,000 euros per day, unless it is a luxury property, in which case the sum increases to 6,000 euros.

We’ve talked about real estate because it’s the closest anyone can get, but the business can be extended to any other asset like an old car or a simple vintage military uniform, vertically, renting and making costumes for cinema and movies, in which the company has triumphed for years Peri’s costumes the ones we have already talked about on this website

In order to profit from this market, you need to make yourself known. There are special locations for this, which are responsible for merging locations of all kinds, such as film orders, Space ON either spathios. Another option is to contact the production companies directly to inform them of the availability of your assets.

2.-Your neighborhood shop as a collection and drop-off point for the delivery

It can be a way to generate additional income to your physical business by parallel adding a parcel delivery and collection service from neighbors in the area. It is a so-called ParcelShop method in which you receive a small percentage for every service you provide, which depends, among other things, on the location of the shop, the opening times – the wider the better – and the company with which you come to an agreement.

Companies are looking for allies in this area, including GLS, UPS, Amazon, Punto Pack and DHL. The commission isn’t huge – between 20 and 35 cents per package management – but there are people who say it compensates them because it’s a way to increase traffic to their store organically.

In turn, you must remember that you are responsible for this package until the final customer collects the order, so you may have to renew your insurance.

3.-Your camp for dark shops

It goes without saying dark shops Businesses or stores that sell products 100% online with no physical stores open to the public. In another of the trends that e-commerce brings, in which solutions like Blok’s succeed. The problem of dark shops is that they need space to accumulate stock and organize logistics operations, sometimes it is their own, but many others use it on a rental basis for third parties. The trend is set to increase after major fashion chains decided to close their establishments in the most central areas to those making high rental payments to join this new modality that brings greater profitability to the brick.

As an extension, we can talk about dark kitchens specializing in restaurant products. For their business, they often use canteen kitchens that are already in operation, such as those found in hotels or other restaurants.

4.-Rent your parking space

This way of making money is already old, but it does not stop being profitable, in fact the rental of parking spaces continues to increase, up to 2.2% in Barcelona and 1.2% in Madrid in 2020. On the contrary, the Selling prices were due to the economic uncertainty of the moment.

According to a study by Fotocasa, the average gross profitability of parking spaces in Spain in 2020 reached 9.3%, which would translate into rental prices ranging from 93 to 387.50 euros per month. A more than respectable return considering that this type of installation poses few risks or maintenance costs.

Hairdresser is in a hairdressing salon

5.-Share the space with another freelancer

Let’s say you have a hair salon and there are days and hours when you’re used to seeing customer failures. One way to make up for this drop is to share your space with another barber who works independently and will pay you a certain price to service their clients in their shop.

The hairdresser is just one example, but the idea could be applied to many other establishments, such as a mechanical workshop, a bicycle repair center…

6.-VTC driver

You need a decent car, a driving license (B1), a VTC driving license (Tourism Vehicle with Driver), a special insurance policy and of course self-employment registration. With it you can offer your services as an independent driver or on one of the platforms that work on this model, such as: B. Cabify or Uber. Sometimes not even that because these platforms are the way it is the case of Cabifyhave already opened up participation to taxi drivers, although the requirements vary.

By the way, another option for taxi drivers who still don’t enjoy VTCs is to display advertisements both inside and outside the vehicle and earn additional income from this advertising support service. For those interested in this aspect, there are solutions like those offered in WarningTaxi.

And based on the VTC, another option is to act alone and offer yourself as a private driver for companies, returning private customers.

7.-Rent the summer house off-season

There are those who have a second home that they rarely use except for the occasional bridging and the month of vacation. Now that teleworking encourages teams to relocate, many are choosing to leave the city and relocate to quieter places in contact with nature. For those who have underused this second home this can be a great opportunity to rent it out most of the time and make a profit all year round.

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