If you have an interesting project, need financing and are ready to convince a private investor, go to new call for Venture Day, organized by IE Business School. The only requirement for participation is that at least one team member is a student or former student of the school.

Criteria for project selection are:

1. You must have an innovative product or service

2. Your business model must be scalable and offer an international business opportunity

3. The founding team, which must be balanced, must have relevant experience and skills

4. The market you are targeting needs to be clearly identified and also large

5. And you must have at least one prototype of your product or service

You will be able to present Your request by next April 5th. From April 22nd to 26th, a selection committee will select the projects. On April 30th, the selected startups will be announced and have the opportunity to present their projects to a group of investors. That will be May 9th.