“The price is determined by the competition and is the most important differentiator even in times of crisis”comment Robert Vietes.

How is the price determined? To guide you, analyze the prices of the competition (you will find a price analysis in the marketing plan that we offer you), taking into account the value of your service and the capabilities of your customers. On the run from price/hourly rates, of course. You have to pack. And offer different pricing options depending on the target audience.

For example? “In the case of consultations, claims for benefits before INEM, social security and Fogasa, post-employment advice for companies, establishment of companies, a fixed price can be set; In the case of employee claims, a flat rate or a percentage can be agreed based on the amounts achieved. In competitions, a percentage of the company’s liabilities is set as the prize. For the others, such as work processes, resources, capital increases, company mergers, urban planning or the environment, packages can also be offered if you calculate an hourly price internally,” says Vieites. What are the basic elements of a law firm’s promotional and public relations work? “Corporate website, blogs, specialist courses in the specialist areas and PR campaigns”Add to.

Case study: We know our way around, sl

Product/service definition: SABEMOSDELEY, SL is a law firm offering specialized legal services in labor, commercial and administrative matters.
Business model: Professional office.
Price: See marketing plan. product bundles.
Customers: Startups and entrepreneurs of the province.
Promotion tools: Corporate website, blogs for the respective specialties of the firm – the lawyers themselves -, specialist courses in the specialties, organization and participation in conferences organized by trade associations and a classic offline PR campaign; Fee; Links to official bulletins, public administrations and forums.

Total investment in marketing

16,200 euros / year

€6,000 (SEO campaign: 3,000 euros for the launch campaign + 3,000 euros for the annual follow-up campaign)
€7,200 (segmented SEM campaign. Investment of 600 euros per month)
€3,000 (since we target startups, a 3-month PR campaign targeting reference blogs as well as traditional online and offline media)

Estimated Billing

€145,400 (first year, from January)

You can download a sample Law Firm Marketing Plan (in PDF format) by clicking this link.

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