If you are self-employed, you may have already received several notifications by email or SMS on your mobile phone, in which the General Treasury of Social Security reminds you that “from 10/01/2018 your procedures and notifications as self-employed – electronically employed + info http://run.gob.es/vthuwc”, without further ado.

The ministerial decree obliging self-employed people to join the RED scheme before 1 October is also not very revealing. Regulation ESS/214/2018 of March 1st, amending regulation ESS/484/2013 regulating the electronic data transmission system (RED system) in the field of social security, establishes the obligation for self-employed or self-employed persons to join the system. However, in order to comply with this obligation, the worker can choose whether to benefit from this system and manage his procedures through an authorized network or directly use the electronic services available at the Electronic Social Security Center (SEDESS). After the incorporation, the self-employed can carry out all procedures electronically, such as changing the activity, changing the regime, changing the contribution base or changing the insurance company. Likewise, this will be the channel through which you will receive all official notifications.

However, apart from the SMS notification, the self-employed have not received much more information about the procedures they need to go through to join the scheme. It has been circulated on some websites such as ATA a diptych with the explanations that they consider appropriate, but which, I am sure, many have not consulted. It also includes a telephone service number (901 50 20 50) that provides information on this subject by pressing option number 2 on the keyboard.

self employed with no workers

According to several inquiries in this number, the only self-employed persons who are obliged to register in the RED system are those who have workers under their care or who wish to hire later. If not, all you have to do is sign up for the Social Security telematics notification service. In principle, this is the only obligation that affects all self-employed people and that they must have fulfilled before October 1st.

On the other hand, it has already been said that there are several ways to register both in the network system and in telematics notifications. According to the leaflet published by the General Treasury of Social Security, to fulfill this obligation, you can choose two channels to carry out your procedures: The RED (Electronic Data Interchange) system, where an authorized person acts on your behalf, or the Electronic Headquarters (SEDESS) if you prefer to perform your procedures directly.

If you manage in Electronic Headquarters, you must have a identification system which guarantees and secures your identity to access the Services. The identification systems approved by social security are: digital certificate, DNIe or Cl@ve. If you choose this third option, the phone service recommends choosing the permanent option.

Don’t have your ID yet?

If you do not yet have one of the identification procedures mentioned above, the quickest way is to go to the nearest social security office and request it. In which cl@ve page They offer you the option to register to request it, but to do so you must first activate your user by entering your DNI or NIE, your email address and an activation code. There is nothing you can do without this activation number and although there is an option to request it electronically, the process is so cumbersome and slow that the recommendation is to go to the office if you want everything in order before October 1st.

The self-employed who are forced to use the RED system must also be duly authorized by the TGSS and to access this service “it is essential to have a valid electronic certificate that guarantees security and confidentiality of all promotions guaranteed” as stated in it is network So the Cl@ve option seems to be ruled out in this case.

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