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If you got carried away by that “siren call”. [el título y el subtítulo de este artículo]we assure you we didn’t do it maliciously, but we warn you it won’t be easy.

However, this is a sign capital cellplatform of crowdfundingborn in 2015, which gives investors access to participate in investment rounds that allow technology-based companies to continue their research and development to reach the market, take this matter very seriously.

«Currently, only 3% of all analyzed companies open their campaign on our platform. One of our value propositions is the in-depth analysis we carry out on companies before publishing them on the platform, because our main goal is to reduce the investment risk as much as possible,” the people in charge of this platform, founded by members, underline other crowdfunding platforms and has prominent experts from research, the pharmaceutical industry and public health on the advisory board Daniel Oliverforward, which recalls that «the spin off that appear in Capital Cell come from science parks and universities, with patents and approvals that guarantee their innovative character.”

Remember: only 3% of projects make it! And why is it interesting to invest in biotechnology? “Doing it now is like investing in Palo Alto on the internet 20 years ago. It is an investment opportunity with considerably high returns. Spanish science is very solid. To invest in biotechnology, it’s important to diversify, creating a portfolio of different companies to ensure the investment returns. Investing in just one company carries a high level of risk, but if you split your investment and invest in at least 5 companies, you can achieve returns of over 25% per year,” says Oliver.

winning rounds

With this philosophy, Capital Cell has been since its birth also operates in the UK, has completed 27 rounds in the biotechnology sector for a total of 15 million euros. This year it is set to conclude with a collection of more than €4.3 million in investment rounds in companies specializing in health and biotechnology.

So far, there have already been five rounds of financing that have been raised via this platform:

AbilityPharma Thanks to 377 investors, it closed a round of more than €1.2 million just a few days ago, surpassing the million it opened the campaign with last September. This round will support the development of the drug ABTL0812, which causes self-digestion of cancer cells and is in phase II clinical trials for the treatment of 80 patients with lung or endometrial cancer in Spain and France. This investment is a bridging round, which will give way to a larger venture capital fund of between €3 million and €5 million to complete the study of the drug.

anaphylaxisthe app developed by Adan Medical Innovation for anaphylaxis patients achieved just over EUR 550.00.

Cebiotexa company developing new generation cancer treatments based on nanofiber fabrics raised just over €663,000.

Tech4FreedomCompany founded in 2015 by James Cunill, which develops products and services for people with sensory disabilities, raised nearly €397,000. This company was one of the 13 Most Innovative Companies in 2017, a Mobile World Congress finalist, and a finalist in the BDigital Award for Digital Innovation.

– And her own capital cell completed an investment round of more than 910,000 euros.

To date, two new campaigns are open in Capital Cell:

derma innovationwhich, with around 400,000 euros and a minimum investment of 1,000, develops skin and hair regeneration products of the new generation for the medical, cosmetic and veterinary sectors.

Y RheoDXdeveloping a wearable device that improves efficiency in monitoring patients with hematological diseases, with around 350,000 euros and a minimum investment of 500.

The AbilityPharma campaign represents Capital Cell’s largest funding round to close on the platform since its inception more than three years ago. This record-breaking campaign joins two others:

Bionurea company developing a drug against multiple sclerosis received 1.2 million euros thanks to the contributions of 250 people.

– J Cebiotexwhich also brought in a total of 1.2 million euros in three rounds.

more props

Capital Cell also has one year to attract and strengthen its support for the development of biotechnology projects BioExpert network (Watch entrepreneur, No. 253, p. 82), a network of scientific and financial experts that has been able to expand its initiative internationally thanks to the collaboration of more than 1,000 specialists evaluating innovative projects in the field of health and biotechnology.

This platform from crowd sourced It has examined more than 160 international projects through the expert network, some of which have already been successfully launched on the market. Projects analyzed include proposals such as artificial intelligence for prevention and detection bullying (digital health), nanofibers with antitumor drug for pediatric oncology (drug delivery) or an ear device for predicting epileptic seizures (medical device).

“More and more European companies are coming looking for the return message Opinion leaders, pharmaceutical managers or investors specializing in our industry. Biotechnology is in vogue and there are more and more start-ups and investors who see its potential,” he says. Pilar Puig-Sàrriestogether with Daniel Oliver founder of BioExpert Network.

Each project that accesses this platform has a forum where it directly interacts with specialists in the respective field, “which generates a return message Dynamics between both parties. We want to enrich entrepreneurs with mass knowledge,” adds Puig-Sàrries.

Another project by Capital Cell is CELL.marketan investment platform specializing in tokens of biotechnology, which entered its phase of accepting investment reserves on November 1st. The first 10,000 sign-ups get a bonus of 40 tokens CELL, with which they can invest in future biotechnology projects or exchange them for euros andTo deceive.