The first Spanish engineering designs and manufactures competitive motorcycles (GP and Moto 2 – for 600cc bikes replacing the 250cc category – are located at Calle Gaztambide, 6, in Pamplona, ​​in 200 square meter offices. Come in if you’re not with us believe. The parts are made in specialized workshops in the United States, Germany and Italy, but the checking of the parts and the assembly, come on, the big thing, is done in Navarra. That a Spanish company makes GP bikes? “I assure you that we do not have it, nor will we discover the square wheel, but neither will we present a motorcycle that does not add anything new. The most important thing is to make the best of what you have. One of the first approaches to the motorcycle that world-class experts attended to give us their opinions was this: You didn’t have to build a motorcycle to go to the moon. Our goal for the first year was to go fast and finish the season and then move on, investigate and grow little by little. In MotoGP It’s not about making great inventions. For starters, the level is incredible. You don’t come up and say: I’ll invent a cable that goes around the exhaust pipe a thousand times and gives it five horsepower. That doesn’t exist in the GP world. Everything is already well researched and worked to the extreme“, explains Oskar Gorría.

“However, there are small things that can be done and we have done that. Like a pneumatic swap system that was eventually banned. It was an amendment system similar to that used in Formula 1. And indeed part of that amendment system is used within the regulations. Our concept was a mixed concept between all existing motorcycles. Since we were a free brand and we could choose and change any compromise whenever we wanted because we owe no commercial concept, no commercial claim, we researched, discussed and decided the characteristics of the bike: light and with a good dynamic coefficients”. Then they met reality. “There are things you can examine, you can apply, that the regulations forbid. You are very limited by the regulation,” he admits.

Making motorcycles in the middle of the crisis? “When we came up with the idea of ​​starting the company, there was a business opportunity: there were teams and sponsors, but there were no bikes in the ‘Queen’ category. We were convinced of our technical and commercial possibilities. And then any other business project: you need to endow it with funds. In 2006 you could and did think a crisis was coming, but the Moto GP and Formula 1 teams were in really good health. In the paddock there was talk that there were teams and sponsors who wanted to get into Moto GP and that the factories were not prepared to give up further Moto GP units. There was room on the market for the launch of another brand. We assumed a situation where the market could absorb a new idea like this, but in 2009-2010 the crisis came and the market was surprised at first and asked if we could do it – the goal is very big, the challenge is it is very big–: you asked if you could reach the level of Ducati; they were incredulous. At the same time, many thought that we could do it,” he emphasizes. “The real situation today is that the market is very messed up. This sport thrives on sponsors and sponsors are disappearing and there are a lot fewer and they give a lot less money and the market is a lot more complicated now”.

And that’s why we’re betting on this company as the company of the future. “We started developing just one Moto GP, but all my life I’ve been self-employed trying to find a business and we saw that straight away With the know-how from MotoGP, we could also work for other companies. We have been able to offer other companies solutions to problems they might encounter. Let’s use all our knowledge to make money [léase aquí liquidez para seguir con el proyecto] through other lines,” emphasizes Gorría. So they have become the research and development department of a company that makes electric motorcycles and against which to make road bikes with carbon chassis – the Inmotec bike for Moto 3 has a carbon chassis.

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