Paradise beach, a refreshing drink and a colorful salad. Social networks are a perfect channel to publish images that evoke emotions, sensations, smells and memories. Tourism companies have recognized this and are aware of the potential of channels such as Instagram or YouTube to enhance their services through influencers.

In fact, according to a published study, more than 72% of influencers have continued to work during the pandemic on projects promoted either by destinations or by hotel chains (Interface Tourism Spain). In addition, 90% of these projects were carried out in national destinations (Gran Canaria, Galicia or Basque Country) and occasionally in international destinations. Out of Bidibi Badibi Bú groupFull service agency in influencer Marketing, the trends and keys of current influencer and tourism marketing are analyzed.

Instagram, the main channel for tourism campaigns

One of the social networks that stands out in terms of influencer marketing and tourism is Instagram. “It offers a engagement very high, the ability to publish short videos easily associated with the public and the ability to edit the images. It is very visual and complete”, they analyze from the Bidibi Badibi Bú Group. This is confirmed by the data, Instagram is the network most used by influencers to develop their advertising campaigns (86%), followed by specialized blogs (67%) and Facebook (47%). One of the emerging channels that hasn’t caught on yet is Tik Tok, but it has great potential.

Planned trips with less time

As the agency points out, one of the consequences of the pandemic, which has increased influencer marketing in the tourism sector, is that trips are planned with less time. As travel conditions are constantly changing due to COVID, trips will be decided in a short period of time. Because of this, social networks have been boosted in campaigns due to their immediacy. “Nowadays, a tourism campaign can be planned now, in the month of July, and the results are immediately visible,” they say from the Bidibi Badibi Bú Group.

a friend’s trip

One of the main trends in influencer marketing and tourism is the so-called “Friend’s Trip”. “Put simply, it’s about planning a trip with a group of influencers to a destination and allowing the public to see their everyday lives, their dinners, the sunsets, the spa, or the yoga they do. It would be something like showing a normal trip with friends,” they comment from the agency. It’s a very effective strategy as it connects emotionally with the followers and creates that sense of desire and ability to replicate what’s seen.

life experience

Similar to the previous trend, but with another component of life experience, there is “life experience”. The idea is to create experiences around an area, with activities, some of which are very impressive, such as swimming among sharks or surfing in a paradise area. In fact, in these campaigns, national influencers are often matched with other foreigners. In these cases, the FOMO effect or fear of missing out (fear of missing out) is played a lot.

mini guide

Another of the most used resources is the creation by an influencer of mini-guides of specific areas with ideas for excursions, restaurants, accommodation, etc. Most of the time there is a local influencer who knows the places well and explains what to his audience to do and see in a specific place.


Finally, there are the “Mix” campaigns. These are the ones in which different sectors come together, such as tourism and fashion or gastronomy. These are events that take place in tourist locations, help to promote the brand of the location and are also complemented by other areas.

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