Installing solar panels in your business can be free

More and more companies are installing solar panels at their company headquarters. This is influenced by Savings on electricity billsup to 50% per year, and the ongoing fall in the price of the necessary infrastructure, which decreases by 5% every year. All this together with the fact that the solar panels have a useful life of around 30 years, makes for a system that is already profitable in Spain.

Preferably the installation of solar panels was carried out in the Spanish housing stock. The growth of this industry has received a new impetus in the wake of the pandemic, due in part to the fact that “people who have not suffered harm from their jobs have saved money to set up the installation that It costs between 4,000 and 6,000 euros on average. In addition, more and more cities are applying tax deductions in the IBI,” the Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF).

Getting back to business, solar panel installations have also increased in interesting ways over the past few months. The development of the technology has to do with it, as well as the fact that it is a renewable and clean energy and so on It is the cheapest way to produce energy in countries with a lot of sun, as is the case in Spain. “All of these benefits lead to a significant improvement in their competitiveness, sustainability and resilience, key elements for any company,” they explain open mindeda company specializing in renewable energy supply solutions.

In addition, “More and more companies are making sustainability one of their most important trademarks. These companies not only prove to be responsible and demonstrate their commitment to respecting the environment, but also display an image of innovation and resilience, adapting to new energy trends,” as explained Manuel de CastroCEO of the company.

How can you benefit from a free installation of solar panels in your company?

“If the company is interested in benefiting from clean and cheap energy, but does not want to bear the investment in a solar panel installation and the operating and maintenance costs, they can enter into a PPA contract,” they affirm from Opengy. It is a long-term power purchase agreement between a producer and a consumer. The generator owns the photovoltaic generation system and is responsible for the initial investment, operation and maintenance costs.

On the other hand, the PPA is linked to an installation of solar panels intended for self-consumption – like that of a company – at the end of the contract “the consumer becomes the owner of the installation at a pre-agreed price, which can be as low as zero euros, so that it gets clean and cheap energy for the rest of its useful life,” they explain.

Under this formula Installing solar panels in your business can be freethat benefits your business with a clean energy system, without incurring maintenance costs of any kind and without being reflected in the company’s balance sheet.

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