On November 25th, the Spanish Association of Entrepreneurs, Micro-SMEs and SMEs, AEMPYMES, is organizing the “International Business Summit IBS” in Madrid, a meeting place between entrepreneurs and large companies from different countries in an unprecedented business framework. Exceptional speakers such as the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Club, the European Commission, the Ibero-American Franchise Federation, the Qatari Consortium, the Cambridge Institute, the International Institute of Professional Competences (IICDS), the Ibero-American Journalism Summit (CIP), will be featured among other things, present their vision of the entrepreneur in an international environment.

It is an event that can be defined as a cluster of different sectors, including business internationalization, business services, leadership, training, franchises, entrepreneurs or project finance, among others. Entrepreneurs from Latin America, EEC, Africa, USA and Asian countries are expected to attend.

The meeting is aimed at CEOs, factory managers, large companies, consultancies, inventors, commercial directors, purchasing managers, franchisees, entrepreneurs and start-ups, all of whom have a future vision for the success of their company. Official website www.ibsummit.net
A favorable meeting where companies can build synergies and business relationships, look for customers or find suppliers to join forces in a fraternal, commercial and business environment through conferences, pre-arranged bilateral meetings, networking and workshops.
It will take place on November 25th at 10am at the Palaciote Duque de Pastrana in Madrid. All information here: http://www.ibsummit.net/