The event organized by the company Shift 2020 Y Claro partnerwill take place from October 19th to 20th, 2015 at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. The conference wants to examine the intersections between the innovation ecosystems of startups and companies moving in the IoT.

The meeting will start with a day of inspiring talks from entrepreneurial experts in the industry to mention among Nike, BMW, Ericson, orange, Alcatel-Lucent, sigfuchs, KoruLabthe spanish Defamation and other leading companies exploring the future of IoT today.

Therefore, among the most prominent sessions of the IoT Shifts Conference will be the Future Outlook session, chaired by executives from Ericsson, Orange, Alcatel-Lucent and newcomers Sigfox and Libelium; the latest research on connected transport (BMW) and aviation (Sita Lab) and the intelligent visions, experiences and viewpoints of Han Pham, Volker Hirsch and Esteve Almirall from the ESADE Center for Innovation in Cities, who will discuss whether the Internet of Things will lead us to smarter and more capable citizens.

In the final sessions Javier Creus (fivefold growth) will provide an overview of new business models currently applied in the IoT sector, followed by a roundtable on “How to Build a Business in IoT” led by Startupbootcamp IoT, including the launch of Zolertia, The Social Coin Y Date and moderated by Aldo de Jong, co-founder of Claro Partners. In addition, the philosopher invited to the event Humberto Schwabwill provide participants with additional brain stimulation.

On the second day, the event offers several workshops.

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