Is it a business to set up a climbing wall for climbers?

The practice of rock climbing has experienced continuous growth in recent years. With this in mind, erecting a climbing wall in an urban center in 2021 can be a very profitable business becomes an Olympic sport for the first time.

Although rock climbing is associated with mountains and cliffs of hundreds of meters, the truth is that not all fans have a suitable area to practice this sport close to where they live. For this reason, the average climber usually goes to a climbing wall near where he lives during the weekday.

However, setting up a climbing wall is not easy. First, a sufficiently sized space must be found to be able to build large climbing walls that will attract the attention of the fans. In this way, Some installations in Germany or the United States reach a height of 50 meters.

In addition, it is necessary to have some prior knowledge in rock climbing – or work with someone who does – to design different routes adapted to different levels of difficulty on the same climbing wall. All of this, in Compliance with applicable legislation and risk prevention, a fundamental aspect in this business.

Aside from climbing itself, a climbing wall can also include other types of climbing supplementary services that help to make the business profitable faster: yoga or pilates classes, physiotherapy, equipment rental… Or a bar-cafeteria where customers can buy drinks or meet over a good beer after a workout.

That create a community This is exactly one of the main values ​​of climbing, which is why a good customer loyalty program should not be missing in the business model of a climbing wall. With that in mind, offering discounts for buying weekly or monthly premiums is usually a good way to keep steady customers who are the foundation of the business.

The keys to managing a climbing wall

The most important aspects of managing a climbing wall are not far removed from those of a gym or a sports facility. First, the A2 consultantspecialized in high mountain tourism, highlights as a key cleaning. In this sense, they see a good strategy in “acting actively against the accumulation of magnesium and dust from the adherent surface of the plates”.

in the same line, humidity and temperature of the premises is another key that identifies A2. “It’s a surprise that many managers find because they didn’t include it in the project and business plan, and it will make the difference to our competition.”

Last the Maintenance and variety of routes is an added value for every climbing wall. The more variants there are and the better they are adapted to different levels, the more customers the company can cover, which can have an audience of all ages. For this reason, it is a company that you should consider if you want to start a business in the health and sports sector.

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