The Operación Emprende reaches its fourth edition and this year, for the first time, it receives proposals from all over the country. The classes are very focused on “the projects that are sold from the first minute”, as pointed out by José Vicente Villaverde, President of AJEV. Training courses are also planned at the headquarters of large companies.

“This year’s judging criteria are the passion for the idea, the scalability of the product or service, that it is innovative and different. In addition, the students have the opportunity to network and create synergies with each other,” emphasizes José Enrique García, Director of the Academy.

How does Operation Undertake work?

It will be structured as follows: Registration deadline for the presentation of start-up projects by January 29, 2016, casting for the selection of 20 ideas that will be trained in the Entrepreneur Academy with top-class business faculty, mentoring program and selection of the three winning ideas.

The first prize is endowed with an economic endowment of €3,000 in seed capital + €3,000 AJEV in network packages, services offered by members of the association in the various areas of business management, such as marketing, accounting, labor tax advice, human resources, communication, etc

In order to participate, those interested must fill out a registration form that can be downloaded from the Internet

The courses begin February 11 and will include 60 hours of training based on microcapsules of knowledge taught by major professionals and business people across the country. During the academy, each participant is assigned a ‘pat’, an established entrepreneur, who will mentor and advise them in the development of their project. Companies such as Carlotta Digital, Fritoper, JV Cleaning, Pineapple Technologies, Improven and Coto Consulting have already been confirmed as sponsors of this fourth edition.

Furthermore, in this fourth edition, the Director of the Academy emphasizes that “the students have to work much harder and apply everything they have learned in a real way in their projects. The aim is to use the knowledge learned at the academy to go from being an entrepreneur to a businessman,” says Jose Vicente Villaverde, President of AJEV

Four years ago, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia started this initiative that combines training, mentoring and funding thanks to the selfless collaboration of great professionals, all established entrepreneurs, bringing their own knowledge and experience.