Iván Redondo, the fashion consultant: The hand that shakes, in the shadow, Pedro Sánchez's strategy

After the election hangover, the political parties are taking stock, some with a more advantageous position than others. Pedro Sánchez’s PSOE has become the party with the most votes in these elections. Who was to tell Sánchez that two years after being ousted as leader of the PSOE, he would come back as the winner of his second primaries?

But Sánchez did not achieve these results alone, there is someone behind, hidden without making noise, in the shadows, who helped Pedro Sánchez win. this man is Ivan roundthe political adviser to the PSOE.

This Gipuzkoan from San Sebastián studied Humanities and Communications at the University of Deusto. He started in politics by advising Xavier García Albiol during the 2011 municipal election campaign. The result was positive, Albiol managed to become the mayor of Badalona.

This furthered Redondo’s career to fill the position of Director of the Cabinet of the Presidency of the Junta de Extremadura with the rank of Advisor, helping José Antonio Monago between 2012 and 2015.

In 2017 he began working with Pedro Sánchez to prepare for the 2017 PSOE primaries. His big leap to national recognition came after the no-confidence motion. On June 1, 2018, the first motion of no confidence in Spain against the government of Mariano Rajoy was approved. Iván Redondo was behind Pedro Sánchez’s strategy.

It was he who advised the President of the PSOE to carry out the request and fill the position of Mariano Rajoy. It was the perfect moment, Ciudadanos had withdrawn his support for the PP and the opposition was tired of Rajoy not taking responsibility. The chess pieces moved, giving checkmate to Mariano Rajoy’s PP.

Paradoxically, Redondo’s past was more right-wing, helping José Antonio Monago and Xavier García Albiol, both supporters of the PP. There are still people in the ranks of the PSOE who oppose his persona. Nevertheless, Sánchez recruited him for the position of chief of staff of the regional council. His great work in the movement led him to choose Redondo for the position. He’s also a man who didn’t know the inside of the house, far removed from the earthquake forged in the PSOE crisis in 2017, already distant.

Redondo is a discreet person, economical with words. Is that expected of a communications manager? The truth is that no, but Redondo accomplished its mission without much bravado or grandeur. Although we haven’t seen him at rallies on TV, he has always been close to Sánchez at every televised intervention, rally, and institutional act.

Sánchez’s decision not to take part in the election debates was not an exaggerated decision. There was more to lose than to gain. Finally he accepted the challenge. Redondo’s strategy came into play and helped steer the two election debates in the right direction. Pedro Sánchez took up a line of defense against his political opponents without losing strength. He endured the downpour and eventually emerged victorious.

Iván Redondo, who already bears the nickname Sanchez’ guru, He is currently one of the most valued political advisors. But the story doesn’t end here, Sánchez didn’t get an absolute majority, so he will have to agree with the other parties. Surely Redondo is already drawing up a plan to emerge victorious and make Pedro Sánchez prime minister.