Affordable price
The price must be attractive enough. The flat rates that allow access to a variety of films or series (no premieres) are a good claim to attract potential users. For years, Netflix’s success in the United States was due to its $7.99 price tag.

easy access
It is important that the customer has easy access to all available products and to as many of them as possible. The more titles the better. And nothing of an alembic web map that makes navigating your portal an ordeal. Simplify the number of clicks.

Compatibility with all types of devices
Although most portals prioritize media such as TVs and computers, almost all provide access across dozens of other devices, from gaming consoles to tablets and mobile phones.

Sufficient broadband
The main reason why streaming video or film providers have not paid attention to the Spanish market so far has been the low level of broadband in our country. Only recently the service was expanded to the level and over three megabytes.

Control illegal downloads
According to experts, it is essential that Internet piracy is relatively controlled or limited to certain niches of the population. If not, the market narrows. In fact, the new portals expect an increase in legal users.