Laboratory Fox It is the first digital platform to validate the talent of candidates applying for a job vacancy. To do this, they have developed their own technology that allows them to offer free tests that will help find the job that best suits each profile.

LaborFox is a young startup born from the need of companies and candidates to be able to show and identify talent before applying for a job. The platform offers prospective applicants and companies the opportunity to take an aptitude test free of charge in order to highlight this talent.

With the results of these tests, candidates can find the job opportunity that matches their talent. Once these tests are completed, candidates will receive invitations to active selection processes. In addition, the platform generates a digital certificate that can be shared over the internet and social networks.

Thanks to this system and the technology developed by LaborFox, the first community of verified talents was created, allowing both companies and candidates to evaluate and share professional profiles efficiently.

John GarayCo-founder of LaborFox, explains: “Companies looking for professionals to fill their vacancies can use the platform among their own candidates or search for new profiles within the LaborFox community of validated talent.”

How to assess talent

Several studies indicate that candidates’ CVs are not sufficient to identify talent and that reasoning and professional personality tests must be carried out. That is why LaborFox has integrated these tools in the earliest phase of the selection process in order to support companies in their search for skilled workers as efficiently as possible.

LaborFox, together with a team of psychometricians and psychologists, have developed an efficient reasoning test to measure professional skills, similar to the GMAT test used to access the most recognized MBAs in the world. This is LBFOX Global, a thinking test to find out the verbal and numerical skills of the candidates.

This test is supplemented by a professional personality test that aims to identify personality traits of the candidate.

“Our tests are not knowledge tests. What we want is to show companies the talent of professionals, so that they don’t lose it because they don’t recognize it in time before the face-to-face interview or in a traditional job interview, or with the scant information that’s in the curriculum,” he explains . Louis Kriegeranother co-founder of the platform.

Candidates can always choose whether or not to share their test results with companies. If the test has been carried out several times, the best result can also be selected.

remote monitoring

One of the most common issues encountered with evaluations conducted remotely online is the nature of the monitoring.

To this end, LaborFox has developed its own biometric remote monitoring system called ProctorFox, which allows verification of the integrity of online tests through facial recognition.

Candidates who choose to take the tests through the platform only need a computer with an active camera and microphone.

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