Life at the Top of the Entrepreneur: Mark Zuckerberg

At 36, Mark Zuckerberg is the seventh richest person in the world and the richest billionaire under the age of 40. The Facebook founder has around $55,000 million at his disposal, but that doesn’t stop him from leading a fairly simple life, where he only has the luxury of splurging on homes and lots that guarantee his privacy.

Zuckerberg was born in 1984 to a Jewish family in upstate New York. Always curious about computers, he launched his first creation at the age of 18: Synapse media player, an application that played songs based on user preferences. Despite attracting the attention of tech giants like Microsoft and Apple even then, Zuckerberg decided to turn down the money and put his program on the Internet for free.

Just a year later, Mark Zuckerberg entered the prestigious Harvard University, where he founded the founding of Facebook, and was embroiled in a major controversy over the Winklevoss brothers’ allegations of plagiarism, or violating the rights of university students by posting their photos. So the entrepreneur decided in 2004 to give up his studies to devote himself entirely to the project.

Privately, Mark Zuckerberg is married to Priscilla Chan, a student of Chinese descent, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2005. The founder of Facebook is also an open vegetarian. “I don’t have a problem with people who eat meat, but I think they should take responsibility and be grateful for what they eat and try to ignore where it came from,” he has explained on occasion.

Mark Zuckerberg’s life as a millionaire

Although his net worth would allow Mark Zuckerberg to live the life he wants, the truth is that the entrepreneur isn’t very fond of extravagance or swagger, which became evident on his wedding day. Zuckerberg and Chan surprisingly got married in the backyard of their homein a ceremony with just 100 guests, and honeymooned in Rome as a humble couple, eating at one of the city’s McDonald’s.

On the other hand, the clothing style of the Facebook founder is very simple. Jeans, short-sleeved t-shirts or gray hoodies and sneakers. Although, hey, that search It could be studied more than it seems, as it responds to the clothing canons prevailing in Silicon Valley to identify the various professional profiles that live in the valley.

In terms of his cars, Mark Zuckerberg has never flaunted. Although he has a Pagani Huayra in his garage – this car can cost more than 1 million dollars -, He was almost always spotted driving fairly modest modelsLike a Volkswagen Golf GTI – around $30,000 – or a similarly priced Honda Fit.

However, the entrepreneur does not mind spending his fortune in the real estate market. In 2011 bought a 5,000 square foot home in Palo Alto for $7 million. After the takeover, Mark Zuckerberg had a custom assistant installed that makes the property smart. He also spent $30 million in the years that followed buy the adjoining houseswith the intention of improving your privacy.

In addition to the Palo Alto real estate, the Facebook founder owns another home in San Francisco that he spent $1 million renovating. He also owns extensive land on the island of Kauai, where Invested $100 million to build a farm and have land with a beach. At the time of the acquisition, Zuckerberg stated that he and his wife were committed to “maintaining his natural beauty.”

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