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Big brands like Carrefour, Leroy Merlin, Sephora, Samsung or Adidas have already started live shopping: live video to sell more. Also gradually the most small: like, a lingerie brand, Mipelazo, hair products, David Locco, a jewelry store, and Nomadie de Luxe, which makes bespoke fur coats.

A new sales format that requires a special tool to create a live shopping experience, such as B. Online.Site. Why spend money on a SaaS of this nature when video and live based networks like TikTok and Twitch kill it?

Alfredo OuroCEO and Founder of Online.Sitea live shopping toolgives us a very convincing argument: “Brands have to Embed video content into your websites and don’t limit yourself to text and photos, which is a type of content that no longer seduces the consumer. And you should embed it on your website and not just on networks like Instagram or TikTok because the influence of those platforms is changing or they themselves are changing their rules and you have a problem if you don’t have anything of your own.”

later pau gorinaCDO (Chief Digital Officer) of gisellea lingerie brand that uses this technology has given us another of greater weight: “We are looking for these tools to do live shopping because We wanted to build a live content experience that would convert into sales without separating the buying process from enjoying the content. And today only live shopping offers that.”

“Our goal was to see the show, enjoy the experience of the new collection and, without leaving here, make the purchase. It’s a concept that didn’t exist today because there are many platforms that you can play videos on, but none of them allow you to convert at the same time. We wanted to unify these two ideas, video format and purchase, so that this unified experience can improve all metrics,” Gorina continues.

“The first event was one to many, a Presentation where we started a parade where you could buy exactly what was presented at the parade. Then we created a showroom that from the beginning had the same goal: to see the collection and buy it exclusively because no one had seen it before, we presented it to you for the first time. And now we intend to present the new collection live in store with influencers, tiktokers and DJs, so that those who cannot be in Malaga, where we will be, can buy the product exclusively and they cannot buy nobody who does not consumed live”.

Live shopping to convert

The clear goal of these measures is conversion, Generate engagement and, in the case of Gisela, also reach a younger audiencewhich is currently not one of their main customers.

“Our target audience, or who we want to target with this type of project, is under 29. Our current target is between 34 and 44 years old, it’s the real average target. We’re comfortable there because there’s an interesting match between demand and supply, but we want to lower the limit from 29 to 24. We are working on several actions and one of them is live shopping because it is more than proven that it is an understandable format and because there is an audience that can only be reached with this format. If you want to get there in another way, most likely you lose yourself in the intention of establishing a channel of communication‘ continues Pau Gorina.

The key to Live shopping works because it’s a “completely immersive shopping experience.”. That a transaction can be performed from start to finish on the video. That the user interacts with the video, e.g. B. can zoom on the product to see extended information, add products to cart etc. but from the shop itself the tool can also be used to make the customer focus on a specific product when he connects in real time, applies special prices, instant discounts to encourage impulse purchases…” comments Alfredo Ouro.

Which adds: “And It is important that entertainment is applied in the sales process. The concept of shopping entertainment, where everything we do leads. When we want to improve engagement, we do a Experience that connects emotionally with the customer with entertainment techniques, gamification etc. Also with surveys to get real-time customer information and use in my direct sale peach or auctions. These things generate very high engagement rates.”

Three video formats

“Video shopping or live shopping can be used in three ways: Live, with a model one to one, in fashion for example for personal shoppers. Direct sales, one seller and one buyer. For high quality products such as jewellery Maybe I don’t make the purchase decision just by looking at the product online, but if I have the seller on the other side in a video showing me the piece of jewelry, yes,” says Alfredo Ouro.

Another format is one to manythat’s what the CDO of giselle. “It’s live streaming shopping, a television format. I’m on screen and I speak to a large audience: tens, hundreds or thousands of people. I can’t interact with them via video because there are so many, but I can via chat,” Ouro continues.

“The third would be one Non-Live Video. That videos that you upload to the networks, you can use and create them with this tool interactive, you can insert the products you are talking about, polls and others. For example a video with a person who skis and that the buyer can go shopping for the clothes he is wearing Add to Cart. This tool is very useful for companies that cannot work directly, such as B. Adventure sports, nautical activities that have no connection in the middle of the ocean. Or for people who don’t like live shows,” adds Ouro.

“With this tool, the average content viewing time is 25 minutes; they usually last 40 minutes. It’s a big attention span for brands. And the conversion triples with the direct one,” assures Alfredo Ouro.

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