The Llamp brand was created by the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor of the Generalitat Valenciana to promote entrepreneurship based on social and technological innovation and sustainable development goals.

Therefore, under this brand, the services of sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation, as well as individual and collective entrepreneurship of the Generalitat, are brought together and refocused with the aim of contributing to the change in the production model.
Sustainable Economy Minister Rafa Climent stated: “We need a new generation of business people, of enterprising workers immersed in the culture of collaboration, sensitive to the new needs and vulnerabilities of the state, economy and society and conscious of caring for our country and people.

The Directorate-General for Entrepreneurship and Cooperative is therefore realigning the programs it already runs and that it will launch in 2021, to align them with the European strategies related to resilience, economy and social innovation, thus facilitating access to different European programs .

To develop these new actions, the specialization in triple impact (economic, social and environmental) and the development of social innovation to align with the Sustainable Development Goals are “fundamental elements that must be made visible”, according to Climent.

Likewise, it seeks to get in touch with the youngest entrepreneurs in order to attract talent and direct them towards the creation of business projects with a specific vision, with a strong innovative and technological component, which will have a positive impact on the environment and create social balance .

The Regional Secretary for Sustainable Economy, Rebeca Torró, stressed that “we want entrepreneurial projects to have access to the mentoring they need at every stage, directly or through the agents of the entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

The Director General of Entrepreneurship and Cooperative, Teresa García, has stated that “by specializing in triple impact, the Valencian Community can develop a social innovation cluster that contributes to better alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Llamp Entrepreneurship Programs

Llamp refers to the burst of energy present in lightning and evokes the excitement that comes with generating innovative ideas. The image is complemented by 3 geometric figures that indicate the triple impact: ecological, social and innovative.

In this sense, the Valencian phonetics of the word Llamp coincide with the Anglo-Saxon Leap to transmit the impetus that the Conselleria’s programs seek to transmit to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the spirit of sustainable entrepreneurship.

The action of the Llamp Groups programs revolves around 4 areas included in different objectives of the Strategic Plan for Entrepreneurship 2019-2023.

In the first place, it involves the collection of data and the observation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, a task that the General Directorate for Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives, with various actions such as the development of the Patent Bank, the White Paper of the Cooperative of the Valencian Community or the compilation of data from the “Startup observatory, whose annual report will be presented shortly, and which already includes more than 700 of these companies in the Valencian ecosystem.

Promote entrepreneurial culture

Secondly, the promotion of a start-up culture in order to generate a pool of young entrepreneurs that is being built up in the university environment but will cover younger levels with various programs with FP in 2021. Currently, the programs with the university generate around 150 entrepreneurial projects, many of which become companies. Among the most notable innovations for 2021 is the program digital call Promote collaborative platforms and digital training for vulnerable groups.

We also want to implement the funding and specialization work in the area of ​​sustainable entrepreneurship. The post-COVID scenario forces us to develop entrepreneurial projects from a different perspective. The shortcomings that this crisis has brought to the table reflect the need for entrepreneurial activity to focus on activities with a strong environmental and social focus, and to integrate innovation and technology into all areas of corporate development.

For this reason, the programs that the Ministry of Economy has carried out will maintain this triple perspective, and in addition, expanded mentoring services will be added, both in individual and collective entrepreneurship, or cooperative and also acceleration services in the field of sustainable or high-impact entrepreneurship, which will represent the first public accelerator specialized in social innovation at a regional level in the Valencian Community.
Likewise, it is considered necessary to establish links with social administration at territorial level in order to use the tasks of raising awareness of sustainable entrepreneurship, economy and social innovation and to build the necessary support through the network of local development actors for sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation. .

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