Credit Policies


treasure lines. Through these lines, Bankia offers a short-term financing modality to fill your company’s liquidity gaps. You can have an amount with a certain limit for a certain period of time and with a price previously set in the contract. Through this operation, the company can close its costs during the period and adjust its cost policy safely.

Credit for multiple products. It combines the financing of your company’s working capital into a single contract. Assigns a global limit that can be spread across the following individual products: Credit Account, Line of Guarantee, Trade Rebate, Credit Advance, Confirmed Invoice Advance, Collections Management with Pay on Settlement, and Collections Management with Mid-Term Payment.

Santander bank

loan approval. It makes it possible to obtain a lower interest rate than originally agreed, if a number of transaction commitments are maintained. It is intended for legal or natural persons registered with the CNAE who wish to have short-term liquidity to manage their cash flows. From 20,000 euros to a maximum of 1,000,000 euros. Term: 12 months. Interest statement: quarterly.

Catalonia Caixa

Global Line of Credit. It establishes a global credit limit that facilitates the presentation of working capital operations: discounting of bills of exchange, anticipation of credit, foreign trade lines, and guarantee lines. Flexibility to request the increase or decrease of the amounts of each operation up to the allocated limit.
Business loan and professional loan. More than a credit policy, it is a short-term loan with a maximum amount of up to 35,000 euros and a repayment period of up to six months. No interest or redemption fees.


multi-product policy. It includes in a single contract the possible requirements for financing a company’s working capital: trade rebates, credit advances, international trade finance, loans, endorsements, guarantees. The system works with a maximum financing limit and with the greatest flexibility among the insured products. It is the customer who decides which product to use for all assigned and unclaimed risk.


credit policy. Banco Mare Nostrum (BMN) offers credit policies to legal entities that need liquidity or short-term financing, as well as to companies that want to finance production campaigns or stocks, that will make investments that will pay off in a short time, or that have a high currency weight . Interest is paid on the amount used and the period used.


funding line. Unicaja, as part of the agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB), offers a special line for small and medium-sized companies to finance investment projects or business improvement measures at preferential and special rates. They are to finance both seed capital and working capital, with a maximum limit of 12.5 million euros per project, medium and long-term financing conditions and a possible grace period of up to two years.

credit accounts

popular bench

flat rate account. It allows you to group all treasury movements of your company, such as: Direct debits, payroll transfers, social security and tax debits, etc. It includes in a single commission access to various additional services such as check writing and deposit, wire transfers, remote banking…

Referenced Account. An interesting option to generate additional cash income, with high profitability and total availability. In addition, it offers the possibility of direct debit payments, receipts, taxes, etc. Optional monthly, quarterly or semi-annual interest statement. The current account in a foreign currency can also be of interest, especially for companies with collection and payment flows in the same currency that want to hedge against currency risks.

credit account. Flexible financing to meet the changing liquidity needs generated by the normal course of business. It has the same flexibility as a checking account, allowing you instant funding up to a certain limit and constantly adding funds to your business. It is aimed at both freelancers (self-employed) and legal entities that need to finance specific liquidity needs such as social security payments, payroll, suppliers, etc.


Commerce & Autonomous Plus Account. Depending on the account balance, different remuneration levels can be achieved without administration or account management fees.

Sabadell Bank

expansion account. It’s an account with no management and maintenance costs, free for euro transfers via BS Online, check deposits, remote banking, and debit and credit cards. The Sabadell Expansion Account is associated, among other things, with specialized advice on electronic commerce (e-commerce) and international transactions and reduced commissions at the POS.

Santander bank

Corporate Welcome Account. The Welcome Companies Account was developed to make it easier for companies to start their business relationship with Santander. It allows them to centrally change the debit of utility bills and use Santander’s online banking for businesses and download programs to make transfers.

Super account for global businesses and corporations. Aimed at legal or natural persons registered in any type of economic activity (CNAE), the Global Super Account allows your company or business immediate liquidity by check or card and full operability with the possibility of overdrafts. Installation of a standard POS, checkbooks, a year of tax advice and registration for Internet banking services are free of charge, without signing additional contracts. With the conclusion of the Global Super Account, you also have access to a rental vehicle at preferential conditions. One-time quarterly commission for maintenance and administration.


Business accounts and treasury accounts companies. They are current accounts that offer the cash service and allow all types of transactions, managing all the fees and payments related to the business. They give a Euribor month related fee based on the average balance for the business account and the daily balance for the business account.

Account x2 company. It is a sight current account that allows the management of transaction balances and deposit balances in the same product with two different types of remuneration.

credit account. It is an account that provides instant funding to fill gaps in the company’s cash flows. It makes it easy to have the money you want right now and at minimal cost. Interest is only paid on the amount required after the disposition date. This is a short-term financing with a term of up to 12 renewable months.


credit account. Specially designed for small and medium-sized companies, businesses, freelancers, sole proprietors and agricultural businesses. The aim of the BBVA credit account is to cover everyone’s daily financial needs. No amount limit, with a term of one year with the possibility of two annual extensions up to a maximum of three years. It can be billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Professional accounts. They are tailored to the needs of the respective customer group (including farmers, companies, small and medium-sized businesses) and discount the interest rate to be paid, provided that common requirements such as wage payments, insurance, social affairs and taxes are met; management of income from the activity; Take out risk insurance…

Nova Galicia

solutions count. Two accounts, one for SMEs and one for freelancers and freelancers. In both cases, an active POS is required (with monthly minimum billing). For the self-employed, an average monthly balance of 2,500 euros is required; for SMEs 5,000 euros. This product has no maintenance or management fees and allows free payroll processing via electronic bank files.


credit account. Maintenance or management fees are not supported. Interest is only paid on the amount used. It has special accounts for businesses and traders. The variable-interest POS dealer credit allows access to 50% of the settlement at the POS with a limit of 100,000 euros. And the balance account payments, wage prepayments and social security payments.

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