MAD lions

The Madrid esports club MAD lions has become the first listed esports club in Spain through the IPO of its parent company Overactive Media. OAM went public on the Toronto Stock Exchange last week, TSX Venture ExchangeTSXV.

Shares in OverActive Media Corp., formerly Abigail Capital Corporation, a global esports and entertainment company, have begun trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “OAM.”

With offices in Madrid, Toronto and Berlin, OverActive five esports teams in four of the world’s major leagues, in addition to a production division for gaming and esports events, OAM Live. In less than three years, the company has raised more than $100 million from well-known investors and brands, professional athletes and entertainers, including early investors Bell, Westdale Properties, Ov2 Capital, The Weeknd, Mitch Marner (National Hockey League or NHL) . , Phil Kessel. (NHL), Carl Hagelin (NHL) and the Montreal Canadiens.

Madrid club MAD Lions was acquired in 2019 and after the purchase, the team’s founders kept their management and became part of the company’s capital. Two of the most famous YouTubers in Spain, Willyrex and Vegetta777 are also part of this project.

Joerg Schnura, Co-Founder and President of MAD Lions and Vice President of OverActive (pictured above, center), states, “We aim to be the leading media and entertainment company of the 21st century, with esports and gaming at its heart. This operation represents a major milestone in being MAD Lions as part of OverActive, the first Spanish e-sports club to be listed on the Stock Exchange. Thanks to this movement, we give access to all types of investors to participate in the success of one of the leading companies in a fast-growing global market. It is an honor for me to be part of a great team with a shared vision to create sustainable value for our shareholders.”

The birth of MAD Lions

The esports club was founded in 2017 with the aim of being the reference team in Madrid and Spain. Four years later, it has grown into one of the most important clubs in the esports industry worldwide. Founded by Jorge Schnura and Marcos Eguillor, it is currently the only Spanish club that competes internationally League of Legends (as a franchisee of the LEC) and in counterstrike (as Flashpoint franchisee), the two most relevant eSports games worldwide.

MAD Lions is the reigning champion of the LEC, the franchise league of the European League of Legends, and also the most prestigious eSports league outside of Asia. In 2020 they competed in the League of Legends World Cups. That same year, they were named Champions of Flashpoint, the international franchise counter-strike league. In addition, they have another 18 championship titles in the industry and are sponsored by such important brands as SEAT, imagin (Caixabank), GLS, Sennheiser and Kappa, among others.

New projects for OverActive

Overactive announced theirs a few months ago plans to build a new flagship on the historic Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) site in Toronto, which will be the future home of two of its professional esports franchises (Toronto Defiant and Toronto Ultra), as well as a cultural and music hub.

Among other things, the Company has retained Generation IACP Inc. (“Generation”) to provide market making services and Virtus Advisory Group Inc. (“Virtus”) to enhance investor relations on behalf of the Company.

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