The origins of this company date back to 1973 when Enric Majoral, founder and director of the company, began selling the pieces that came out of the workshop set up in his house in Formentera. At first he sold his products in small stalls set up in areas frequented by the nascent tourism of the time, which responded very well to his proposal. Majoral wanted to go further and took a step forward with the support of his wife. “I wanted to grow. When I saw that I had mastered the craft, I thought I needed to express myself more artistically and expand the market. We decided to go to a big city, so in the early 90’s we went to Barcelona and opened a store where we started offering a plus in design.”

The company currently employs 30 people and has eight branches of its own (3 in Barcelona, ​​2 in Formentera and 1 in Valencia, Gerona and Manresa). “They are small shops, but they are located at key points. A product like ours is not cheap. For it to be successful, it has to be in the best places,” he explains. In addition, it markets its items through multi-brand stores outside of our borders (Germany, Italy, USA or Japan) and also has an online shop. And it is that this company is aware of the importance of new technologies in the current craft.

Although all the pieces are made and finished by hand in their workshops in Barcelona and Formentera, Majoral warns that “this doesn’t mean they don’t use new technologies. Today, if 50 very thin sheets are required, they are cut with a laser.” For the company founder, the strength of his business lies in the fact that it deals with “products with brand identity and personality, creative and of quality … items that are special in a globalized world where there are big brands that offer a very standardized product. And what were the main obstacles for your business development? “Financing is very complicated for small businesses, so we grew under our own steam.”

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