Marcos de Quinto's new business after leaving politics

Former Vice President of Coca-Cola and Vice President of Ciudadanos, Fifth markAfter leaving politics, she is already preparing a new business. It is a television channel that will be launched in the fall and with which it wants to become a reference for the right-wing public.

The TV channel, whose name is not yet known, will have a direct grid with political, economic, social and sporting content. The intention of the new project by Marcos de Quinto is based on the successful model of La Sextathe Atresmedia chain, but with a more right-wing editorial line.

Marcos de Quinto will not be alone in the project. In addition to several national investors, the majority of the board will consist of foreign capital. Mainly from Latin America, with capital from Countries like Venezuela, Cuba or Mexicowhere they intend to carry out the project shortly after its launch in Spain.

With this deal, Marcos de Quinto enters the audiovisual industry, in which he never played a major role. His few appearances on television include his months as a talk show host on “Todo es lie,” the program presented by Cuatro Risto Mejide who gave up after a discussion with the advertiser.

The professional career of the entrepreneur, however, gives an idea of ​​a successful future with his television station. Marcos de Quinto was Vice President of Coca-Cola between 2015 and 2017 and therefore has extensive management and leadership experience. In addition, his time in politics, which he left after the failure of Ciudadanos’ elections, has significantly improved the businessman’s agenda, which may give a boost to his TV channel in the first steps.

Marcos de Quinto is not the only entrepreneur among the ex-citizens

Marcos de Quinto’s new adventure in the audiovisual business isn’t the only one among ex-citizens. Former party leader Albert Riverawasted no time after leaving politics and took stakes in several companies, among which his law firm stands out, Martinez-Echevarria & Rivera.

Through this company, Rivera also serves as President of beginning Spanish meet lawyers, a company that aims to revolutionize the real estate sector with a platform for quick legal advice – in less than two minutes – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Like Marcos de Quinto’s television project, this company has an international focus and has several offices in Latin America and Europe.

The question now is whether Rivera will participate in any way on the Marcos de Quinto TV network – whose stars are already on the staff – with whom he has a close personal connection. In such a case, the launch of the centre-right project could mean Rivera’s return to the front lines of the media, which he left after leaving Ciudadanos.

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