From the launch of the TMAX in 2001 to this day, Yamaha’s MAX family has been recognized as the most influential force in the European scooter market. With the dynamic body that characterizes the MAX family and sophisticated 4-stroke engines designed for agile and responsive performance, Yamaha sport scooters lead the industry in design, technology, style and popularity. The powerful new X-MAX 300 carries TMAX DNA and is designed and built to the rigorous requirements of the flagship model. It succeeds the popular X-MAX 250. Yamaha can also announce for 2017 the arrival of the latest edition of the most powerful sports scooter. world landmark.

New TMAX: new rules for MAX.

Fifteen years ago, Yamaha released a model that would literally change the scooter industry and create a whole new category. Yamaha’s decision to launch a maxi scooter with the performance and handling of a sports bike, and the comfort and functionality of a scooter may have seemed bold at the time. But history has shown that Yamaha got it right the first time, and in 2001 the TMAX not only created a new category, it changed the perception of scooter riding forever.

The age of the maxi scooter had arrived and five model generations later, the TMAX continues to dominate the high-end large displacement scooter segment. With more than 233,000 units sold in 15 years, the TMAX is not only the best-selling maxi scooter in Europe, but also one of the best-selling models ever made by Yamaha. For 2017, the incredible story of the TMAX continues with three new versions: TMAX, TMAX SX and TMAX DX.

Each of them reaffirms the emblematic character of this prestigious scooter, offering the ultimate in performance, technology and style. The three new versions of TMAX create new rules for MAX and offer the most demanding customers even more options for the most popular maxi scooter in history. The dynamic new body and lightweight frame design, together with sophisticated electronic control technology and overall high performance, reinforce the TMAX’s position as a leader in its category.

With three versions available, there is a model for every lifestyle. The TMAX is like a blank canvas for customers who want to customize it by adding different parts and accessories. However, there are maxiscooter owners who want even more than what the exclusive TMAX offers. For these drivers we have developed the TMAX SX and TMAX DX models. With special colors and switchable D-MODE engine operating modes, the TMAX SX is designed for sporty customers. And with its range of electronic control technology with DMODE and cruise control, as well as an adjustable windshield and heated grips and seats, the top-of-the-range TMAX DX offers unparalleled luxury.

TMAX 2017: the lord of the scooters

One of the secrets of the legendary TMAX’s continued success is its constant evolution that has kept it at the forefront of maxi scooters. During this time the TMAX engine was upgraded from the original 499cc to the current 530cc design and the original chain drive was replaced with a belt drive. The steel frame has been replaced with a lighter aluminum design. State-of-the-art upside-down forks have replaced conventional forks on the first-generation model.

This process of constant evolution never ends and in 2017 TMAX introduces a large number of new design features as well as important technological and design improvements that reinforce its position as the best sports scooter.

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