Among other things, its technology is able to predict – as has already happened several times – whether the service of giants like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will “collapse” and millions of users will no longer have access. And it does so thanks to its more than 7,000 devices deployed in seven European countries, with which it can measure the connections of the fixed networks of more than 20 European operators in order to anticipate massive intrusions.

MedUXone of the 50 Spanish startups that are part of our fourth ‘Lista Emprendedores’, specialized in measuring the user experience of telecommunications, detects a multitude of incidents affecting the service received by customers, from service quality problems and network incidents , to degrade services such as social networks and messaging, web browsing, watching videos stream

The company founded by Augustine Batiz Y Louis Molina [en la foto, de izda. a dcha.]which is led by a team of more than 70 people, is present in more than 15 countries, has a strong presence in Latin America and Europe and has already deployed its technology for companies such as Telefónica, AT&T, Claro Colombia (Grupo América Móvil ), Vodafone , Orange or the Colombian Regulatory Commission.

MedUX (which originally was called CASE on IT) was born as an innovation laboratory for the development of various products. “Initially, we launched a massive event prediction product that allowed operators to anticipate demand and increase the capacity of networks to keep them from crashing. We later launched MedUX, which became our main product at the time and has now evolved into an ecosystem consisting of four products that enable the measurement of user experience in fixed telecom networks ( MedUX hometown), mobile (MedUX mobile phone, mobile phone and MedUX agent app) and the quality of the TV picture (MedUX tv)».

Thanks to its solutions, telecom operators reduce costs and improve their value proposition by “anticipating network performance issues and avoiding complaints to keep their customers happy and satisfied. We are specialists in measuring and improving the digital customer experience, providing solutions for telecom operators, governments and private companies. Our ecosystem measures, analyzes and forecasts the quality of service of fixed and mobile networks as well as the quality of the TV picture,” explains Batiz.

MedUX, which received 4.5 million euros Inready Technology Investment Group Y SONAE investment management, strives to become the global benchmark in terms of service quality. “We want to continue growing in Europe and Latin America and expand our business into strategic markets such as the United States,” emphasizes Batiz.

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