The Metaverse is a shared virtual world. A world where users can create avatars, travel and interact with other users in a kind of parallel reality.

But its development is nothing virtual. Many new jobs are needed to become popular as expected. As with social networks, this new parallel reality will allow people to socialize, play, work, shop and attend events of all kinds remotely.

Thus, the business opportunities are endless. Likewise, the opportunities for specialized employment and the acc IEBS Business Schoolthe leading digital school in online training, these 10 will be.

Developers of the Metaverse ecosystem

The metaverse does not arise alone. Must build a whole ecosystem around them. From sensors to laws or regulationsthat are going through CPU or KYC processes. The world is complex and digitizing it even more. In this way, The ecosystem developer is responsible for coordinating partners and governments to ensure that the various functionalities created are possible at scale. They will boost government investment in infrastructure and foster large communities of stakeholders.

engineers from hardware

Hardware engineers will also be one of the most sought-after professions in the metaverse. This is because it will not only be based on code, games and applications. Namely, Operating in a permanently available three-dimensional environment requires the development of new cameras, headsets, wearable devices, sensors, etc.. Although these technologies already exist today, a lot of work is still needed to make them wireless, comfortable, lightweight and able to affect all the senses and arouse the emotions of the user.

AR and VR software developer

for the next few years Organizations will need thousands of software engineers with proficiency in both technologies to develop the next computer platform, software and applications for the Metaverse. According to a report on the profile of software engineers Jobs related to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality In 2019 alone, they increased demand by no less than 1,400%.

investigator Metaverse Scientist

AR and VR academic researchers are already a fixture at top universities and big tech companies. But as the metaverse is slowly becoming a widely accepted idea, a lot more intelligence is needed. These profiles need to build something like the theory of everything, where the entire world is visible and digitally actionable.. This architecture will be the foundation upon which all other use cases will be built: gaming, advertising, quality control in factories, DeFi, etc.

3D games designers

Another of the most demanded professions in the metaverse world with 3D game designer or 3D game designer. They are responsible for conceptualizing the game’s characters, locations, story, and gameplay.. In addition, they also work with developers and programmers to translate these ideas into code.

metaverse planner

Once we have a working Metaverse, the ability to plan and implement all functionality in a fully virtual world will be critical. The planner must drive a strategic portfolio of opportunities from proof of concept to pilot and implementation. That means everything from identifying market opportunities, building business cases, influencing engineering roadmaps, developing key metrics, etc.

product Manager

With user growth in the Metaverse and expected high demand for products and content, businesses will need even more Product manager to control end user experience, test and fix bugs in new products, among other things. Also to evangelize new initiatives and push product development with different teams of engineers, designers and specialists.

Metaverse Storyteller

Narrator or storyteller is also one of the most sought-after professions in the world of the metaverse. Unlike video game writers, storytellers in the Metaverse will and will operate at a higher level responsible for creating an engaging and immersive story for various genres of games and experiences.

marketing specialist

With the Metaverse market projected to reach $814.2 billion by 2028, companies are already lining up to hire the best one of the most in-demand professions in the Metaverse, Metaverse Marketer. These profiles must be able to: a interactive and immersive advertising campaign or experience that blurs the lines between physical and digital and appeals to Millennials and Gen Z.

expert in Cybersecurity in Metaverse

The Metaverse is the perfect target for cyberattacks and fraud. For example with hacked avatars, NFT theft, biometric/physiological data leaks, hacked headsets, etc. In short, the possibilities for something to go wrong are almost innumerable. Metaverse cybersecurity experts are needed for this. These employees must be able to block attacks in real time and ensure that laws and protocols are reviewed and changed.

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