They met during a research trip abroad and decided to start a company to solve problems faced by many researchers in their work.

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Alicia Arranz de Miguel, César Nombela and Jorge Ripoll found that advanced imaging systems that are on the market do not always meet researchers’ needs. “More importantly, these systems do not allow changes that adapt them to the latest technological advances. The systems designed by our company 4D-Nature are customizable and can change and evolve, adapting to the changes required by the project,” they point out.

With the latest advances
4D-Nature, located in the Business Incubator of the UC3M Science Park, focuses on the design, development and assembly of advanced imaging devices with diverse applications in the field of biomedicine and basic research. “Our team has extensive experience in the application and development of new imaging methods in research laboratories and R&D companies. Techniques developed include optical tomography, in vivo quantitative imaging and three-dimensional microscopy.”

This company’s main competitive advantage is its ability to design and assemble highly specialized devices “that are flexible and allow for changes as the user’s needs as well as a project’s research lines change”.

The founders of 4D-Nature, who have invested €4,000 each, believe that “understanding the needs of researchers with absolute precision is essential to the company’s success. In addition, we are up to date with the advances in research in the field of biology and biomedicine,” they emphasize. And the competition in this market? “In Spain, our specialty, optical in vivo imaging, has yet to be developed. Large companies that sell sophisticated devices offer robust and well-defined solutions; We have a lot of leeway to change the equipment so that it evolves according to the needs. This allows us to significantly reduce costs.”

They have invested around 12,000 euros.


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