Does that ring? Who did not travel and could not connect to the Internet Wi-Fi network until arriving at the hotel. Borja Ruiz – together with another partner who left the project shortly afterwards – decided to find a solution. “The idea arose from a need that I experienced myself. On my frequent trips abroad, I could only connect to the few free networks I could find in the cities. And my only way of connecting was to return to the hotel at night. That meant being offline for a whole day with no way to check email or other data online.”

improve what is there
Ruiz conducted a feasibility study. “We analyzed the market to see which players could represent our business idea. We examine their weaknesses and improve them. And we started a four-month pilot that allowed us to reliably verify the feasibility of our idea.”

The result is called Wifivox, which offers its users freedom of movement wherever they are and gives them access to data networks to stay connected. “At Wifivox we offer mobile internet connection to both Spanish tourists traveling abroad and foreigners visiting Spain. Thanks to our service, you can save yourself the high costs of ordering roaming services from the usual operators. Our activity is mainly focused on the tourism sector, although we also provide services for the business sector: executives on business trips, attending conferences, trips for events, etc.

Based in Barcelona, ​​Wifivox has a place where tourists can pick up the Pocket Wifi. They can also receive you at the hotel (he made several agreements) or at the apartment where they are located.

The initial investment was around 30,000 euros


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